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Jun 3, 2007 09:55 AM

St. Louis - Knife Sharpening

Hey St. Louisians!

When you need your knives sharpened, where do you go? Mine are in desperate need of attention.


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  1. there is a well thought of place on the Hill- can not think of the name. Just kitty-corner to Vivianos- west and south.
    Sur LaTable in plaza frontenac is supposed to do sharpening

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    1. re: stlSarah

      You're probably thinking of Bertarelli's. While I used to do all my own sharpening these days I get my knives sharpened there, and they seem to do a lot of restaurants/local chefs' knives -- there's always a local chef or two when I'm there. And they've always been able to do it usually right then or within a couple of hours.

      They are also the only place I've found so far in St. Louis that will do single bevel Japanese style knife sharpening.

      The Kitchen Conservancy is supposed to do sharpening but according to them you need to pick them up the next day.

    2. I suggest you get some water stones and learn to do it yourself. It takes a little practice but eventually you will be able to put a razor edge on your cutlery.

      1. Also, for an instructional DVD check out

        Also, custom knifemaker Murray Carter has an instructional DVD. Check Murray out at