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Where can I find good Vanilla Extract

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I'm looking for some good vanilla and maybe some almond extract. The ones at the supermarket arent too tasty.

I've been to the Jean Talon market and but nobodies seems to have it in extract form... only in sticks. Do you know where I can get good quality staples for baking?


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  1. Anatol on St-Laurent just south of Milano make their own and it's pretty good but nothing to compare with what I brought back from Mexico last month.

    1. Douceurs du Marché in Atwater market for sure.

      1. Olives & Epices sells what appears to be "homemade" vanilla extract (Madagascar I think). Each bottle is dated (the ones I saw were around two years old) and states who made it (employees I assume). I would give it a shot. They also have their own vanilla sugar.

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