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Jun 3, 2007 06:58 AM

Bad experience at Collima's in Rice Village, Houston

My husband and I took his sisters to eat at Collima's last Thursday night and it was not a pleasant experience. It was so loud that we had to shout at each other even sitting at a small table. The service was very slow and the food was mediocre. I got a "designer" salad priced at $7.99 which was nothing more than a small handful of mesclun, 4 slices of pear, four canned mandarin orange slices and a sprinkling of pecans all drowned in dressing. Granted, I should have asked for the dressing on the side but forgot. The sisters each ordered pasta with eggplant, peppers and tomato sauce. It was so spicey that they hardly ate any. The eggplant was undetectable. My husbands eggplant parmigiana was good tho skimpy. The focaccia was excellent, however. So much for a pleasant evening out.

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  1. Collima's? In Houston? Perhaps you mean COLLINA'S, which has 3 locations. The restaurant on Richmond is not quite in Univeristy Village, but that must be the one you are complaining about. I've eaten quite often in their Town & Country location on Kingsride and was never disappointed. Sorry you had a bad time. If you're going to the Richmond/Kirby area for Italian, try Carrabba's on Kirby. Their service has always been consistent, and I take clients there all the time.

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      There is also a Collina's in Rice Village on Morningside--I'm pretty sure this is the one she means. Collina's is a pizza only place in my book, though I've had decent pasta there before.

      Best bets for Italian in that area are Prego's (just west on Amherst from that Collina's), Antiqua Osteria (Just west of Greenbriar and Bissonnet), Di'Amicos (slightly south from Collian's on Morningside--not as upscale as the others but nice), and as Cheflambo mentioned the original Carrabba's at Kirby.