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Jun 3, 2007 06:45 AM

Jean Georges' Dunes

Hello fellow Chowhounders:

My wife and I will be heading to the Bahamas for our vacation later on in the summer and will have a layover in Nassau before hitting the out Islands.

We took interest in having lunch at Dunes and would like some honest feedback about the restaurant. We live in New York and had dined at JG's eateries before and would like to see if the standards and execution hold up at this outpost of his.

Cost is not an issue (I guess after meals at Per Se and the Laundry everything seemed "cheap!). But rather we seek a good, not showy dining experience with a lot of focus on the food.

Any comments are welcome.


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  1. Foodie,
    I ate there in march,the food was excellent as well as the service.I have not eaten at any of his other restaurants so I can not compare.I would eat there again.

    1. We ate there last week. Service, for the bahams, was good, but not great by US standards. As a non seafood eater the menu was very limited. The main course was ok--I had veal my GF had fish. Dessert was awesome, we had the sampler. Bread was fair. Cost was $200, and we didnt drink. Id go to Mesa Grill over Dune. The food and service are far better. Cost is about the same.

      1. I worked with a chef who was at Dune and Cafe Martinique. I'd go for Dune over Mesa Grill, but I skew toward fresh, interesting, and seafood. (I'm assuming you ruled out Cafe Matisse.) Preparation on the Out Islands will vary wildly, of course. Supplies are always a problem (more so on the Out Islands), but Nobu and JG's places are relatively consistent, and fierce about maintaining standards by hook or crook.

        Um, except, don't depend on anything labeled "organic" actually being organic--anywhere. It often will be, but. JG has been the leader in local and organic sourcing, but given the way the Bahamian economy is structured, many things we take for granted aren't remotely possible...

        On that topic: if coffee matters to you, you know to bring it with you? Outside of the very best places, you'll get Sanka, if you're lucky. You can also pick up a half pound at a Starbucks before you leave Nassau.