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Embarrassment of riches - homegrown strawberries

My strawberries are out of control. I'm not a jam person - and we're moving in a month. I tend to make lots of simple gelato, but would love other dessert (or other) ideas!

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  1. There's a great recipe for strawberry rhubabr pie floating around on the boards...

    1. A few jars of jam might be nice to have next winter, and they'd remind you of your old homestead.

      1. Yum - I wish I had your problem!!

        1. tell me you're in minnesota and i'll be over to solve your problem. YUM.
          strawberry shortcake... balsamic strawberries, ooooh romaine and spinach salad with strawberries and red onion (silced VERY thin) with poppyseed dressing!!!

          1. You can make a nice salad of fava beans, pecorino, and strawberries.

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                Light vinegarette or just a bit of olive oil.

            1. big bowl of berries topped with sour cream (or plain yogurt, also very delicious) and brown sugar. Addicting. I go on strawberry, yogurt & brown sugar breakfast benders during the season. Many fruits are great this way.

              We also add berries to tossed salads.
              Quick easy salad of grilled chicken, red onion, greens, etc with lots berries and a balsamic dressing tastes great and makes a meal.

              Enjoy your harvest!

              1. Be a nice good bye neighbor and invite your community to "pick their own!"

                1. I would freeze some so you can have them when they aren't growing like crazy!

                  1. Strawberry and spinach salad, tasty and spectacular looking! Cut the strawberries in half and briefly cook with the spinach in a bit of stock.

                    1. Strawberry smoothies made with yohgurt, strawberry margaritas, strawberry daquiries, strawberry syrup for pancakes (this is what I do with "failed" strawberry jam).

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                        how far are you moving from where you are? if its in striking distance I would share
                        with your neighbor to freeze some for you while you moved and got your freezer set up
                        at your new place. then you would have some to start out for next year while you plant some new plants. or dig some up and take some with you.

                      2. If you freeze them, you can always make smoothies w/out adding ice.