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Jun 3, 2007 04:29 AM

Enoteca Barbone Review

Went to Barbone, Ave. B and 12th, Saturday night for the first time. Seated right back in the garden, which was really quiet and romantic.. Menu is Italian but fairly creative. I got the black pepper pappardelle with short rib. Pasta was cooked perfectly, the short rib was in chunks. It was good but I personally prefer meat ground in my pasta, but that's me. He had the garganelli with mint and lamb sausage... Wow, that was amazing. Just slightly minty and the garganelli were perfect. I'd get this next time. He also had the flat iron steak with asparagus, which he said was good. Dessert was the only disappointment. Server told us "we only have three." that was encouraging. It was chocolate panna cotta with cherrries on top, pistachio cheesecake, and semifreddo. We picked the first two, just because we wanted something sweet. The panna cotta was actually pretty good. The cheesecake was OK, but both were teeny. This is where the restaurant needs improvement.
The owner did send us two complimentary glasses of moscato at the end of the night, which was nice and unexpected.
The restaurant was dead on a Saturday night from 6 when we arrived until 7:15 when some patrons trickled in...Makes me wonder how long it will survive. Overall, it was a nice quiet romantic evening, the food was good, but not sure I'd go out of my way.

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  1. Barbone is one of our favorite restaurants in the EV. We've had the pasta tasting menu, which is really reasonable price wise...and the owner just lets you pick the 5 pastas you want. We enjoy them all. We are addicted to the "roast tomatoe" appetizer which is misleading...it's really a big serving of a ricotta cheese mixed with pesto with some roast tomatoes around it--addictive! And we too enjoy the outside seating. I hope it survives as it really deserves to.

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      oooohhhh, a pasta tasting - sounds like my kind of place. synergy, have you had it? what are your fave pastas? that ricotta sounds fab!

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        nuxvomica, yes, I have had it. If you go to Barbone's web site & see the listing of pastas you can select any 5 that you want. The pastas do change. Their boar lasagne is always on the menu & is fantastic. I'm also love their linguini with clams, done the same way I've had it in Italy. And yes, that ricotta is wonderful. I tried to repeat it at home but can't quite get it to taste the same--it's a good size appetizer portion, good to share.

    2. This place is legit. I popped in without expecting much than your average EV cookie-cutter Italian but this place earned its stripes. Would go back in a second...too bad im in France for the summer.

      1. Thanks for sharing about this place. BTW, how big is it?

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          The front room is pretty small/cozy, but there is a nice big patio out back

        2. The pasta dishes are all great. Had the pasta tasting menu, where you get to choose the dishes from the regular menu. Not a big selection of desserts, but you do get complimentary moscato and biscotti.

          The owner is quite knowledgeable about wine and made some excellent recommendations. It was pretty crowded the Sat night we went (it was late around 9:30pm), we had to wait about 15 minutes.

          1. Went last night and had a great dinner! Three of us sat in the back and, despite the oppressive heat, had a great time. Ordered the Chef's Tasting menu. They told us to order 1 app, 2 pastas, and 1 main. We told him we wanted the chef to put together the menu, and they agreed.

            Had the fried artichoke first and loved it...sort of crispy, pan-fried. Never had it prepared like that but loved it. Then we had a chicken-apple sausage cavatelli (homemade pasta) followed by some beef noodle (forget exactly...we were a couple bottles deep at that point). The beef noodle was a little salty, but I still liked the flavor. Finally, had a steak dish that we all liked...Steak and Green beans. Desert was the same three described above. Not much of a fan, but I guess they're pretty authentic Italian. Moscato as well.

            Overall would definitely go back. Don't want to see this place go out of business, as it's got that great garden and solid food at reasonable prices.