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Jun 3, 2007 12:19 AM

Lunch on the upper east side

For my last meal in New York city I knew I had to come to you guys.

I'm looking for a good, relatively inexpensive lunch place on the upper east side - around the lower 70's (unfortunately I have to hit the subway to get to the airport soon after lunch time, so I can't go to far). I've been to EJ's already.

And a BIG THANKS to all you posters for making the gastronomical portions of my trip to NYC amazing!

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  1. My family had a nice lunch last weekend at B. Cafe on 75th betw. 2nd and 3rd. Good Belgian fries and my husband loved his Croque Madame.

    1. Hey Cattivella,

      Presuming this is for today, you could end your trip with some Turkish food at Uskudar, on 2nd Av., b/t 73rd & 74th Sts. I haven't been, but it's a favorite of my daugher and her b.f.


      I hope when you have a chance, you will give us a report about your NYC dining experiences. Have a safe flight home and come back soon!

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        If you're looking for a very quick and delicious lunch, I would recommend Slice. The pizza is all organic and it's excellent. It's on 2nd Avenue and 73rd.