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Jun 2, 2007 11:36 PM

DINNER AT FLEMING'S---Oh the noise!

Mom's 82nd birthday and we took she and my dad to Flemming's as she loves a good steak.
Everything was fine, good even --no wait, nice server, table ready when we arrived, great cocktails, the works. But the noise level was deafening!!
I honestly don't know how people work there. We spoke to the waitress and she assured us that all of their restaurants were designed like this, loud, with loud music, hard surfaces, etc.
I just don't understand why they would deliberately design a place to be this loud.


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  1. i've never understood it either. i really do enjoy the food there, but the noise level at every location i've been to [3 or 4 at this point] is intolerable. i ate at the newport beach fleming's a few weeks ago, and we had to talk [shout, really] so loud to hear each other that i actually woke up hoarse the next day. sure, it's yummy, but it's not worth a sore throat/losing my voice every time!

    1. Especially with your older relatives noise is a big negative. It effectively takes them out of any conversation. I don't know why so many places seem to think that noise makes people feel like they are having a good time (why else would they crank up the music when the place is full of talking customers).

      We use noise as an important "ambiance" factor when picking a place to eat.

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        We are big Flemings fans so we either go early for dinner when it is less filled or else request seating in the party room in the back...much quieter!

      2. i've been twice to two different ones (Atlanta and Tampa) and both didn't seem that loud. we did go at odd hours though.
        i really liked all the varieties of wines by the glass and above average steaks.

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          We did not run into noise issues at the Salt Lake City location. We were VERY impressed with our meal. The steak, veal chop, sides and salads were all exceptional.