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Jun 2, 2007 10:45 PM

Any good Taqueria's in the Napa Valley?

I'm going on a trip to the napa vally this summer and hoping that there is at least a good taqueria out there. any recomendations?

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  1. I highly recommend La Playita on Old Sonoma Road in Napa, especially for their al pastor tacos. Their truck that used to be on McKinstry across from the wine train isn't there now due to hotel construction - am told they will be back. Also La Luna Market in Rutherford - but I prefer their burritos.

    1. Armadillo's in St. Helena is great

      1304 Main Street
      St. Helena, CA 94574


        1. re: grishnackh

          Uh, that's in Mill Valley, not Napa Valley

          1. re: Junie D

            La Luna Market and Taqueria on Rutherford Road in Rutherford is my favorite. Order in the back of the market, pick up your extra salsa fresca and drinks in the market, pay up front at the register, then eat out back on the picnic table overlooking the vineyards. My wife prefers the tacos (small double wrapped carnitas) while I prefer the burritos (chicken with quacamole). No dinner needed thereafter if this is your lunch spot.

            An oasis of reality in a most elegant part of the Napa Valley. Enjoy.

        2. i have a friend down there and he recommended Azteca Market in st. helena.. anybody know of this place?

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            Azteca has HUGE burritos. Its gret to pick up some stuff over there. They just put out a few tables.