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Gas Grill Propane Tank Refills - LA Area

OK. So we're getting into the big time grilling season. And it would be great to know where people get their propane gas tanks REFILLED (i.e., not exchanged) in the LA area. Please let's head posts with the part of the city for ease of use.

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  1. Because the exchange method has become so common in LA (Home Depot), my guess is refilling may be hard to come by. I used to have my tanks refilled at a storage place on the east side of Lincoln Blvd, just south of the 90 freeway in Marina del Rey, before I became a charcoal convert... Sorry - can't remember the name...

    1. Mine are refilled at Santa Monica and Barrington at the U-Haul place

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        Osborn Automotive on P.C.H. in Redondo Beach

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          Sherman Oaks area the United Equipment Rental on Oxnard west of Van Nuys, Teh 76 Station on the corner of Ventura and Van Nuys just got a tank.

          Studio City the Shell station on that weird triangle street east of Laurel Canyon across the street from Trader Joes.

      2. I am in Northridge and there are lots of places to get tanks refilled. Uhaul rental places refill them. I go to one on Parthenia between Lindley and Reseda. There is also a Union gas station on Balboa and Parthenia and one at Balboa and San Fernando Mission. Many gas stations have refills.

        1. there was a place on lincoln near where it intersects with the marina freeway. east side of lincoln.

          1. U-Haul, Some Ace hardware locations (acehardware.com allows you to search), equipment rental places, such as Simon's rentals here in Monrovia, and many gas stations will do it.

            1. A.O. Richardson Rentals, 4311 San Fernando Road, Glendale

              1. Look in your local Yellow Pages under "Gas - Propane" -- there are many more propane refilling stations than you think, considering all of the industrial/commercial applications that use the product...

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                  Big Joe your right on the money, That way he can find the place nearest to him.
                  orchard supply does that too.

                2. In Pasadena, the one place I know of is at the corner of Sierra Madre Blvd. and Altadena. I've never done that myself, so I don't know what they charge.

                  1. I only refill... never exchange.

                    I'm in Hancock Park and there are at least two places (both UHauls) within minutes of my house.

                    One is at Crenshaw and the 10... the other on Western and I think Pico.