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Jun 2, 2007 09:18 PM

Recs near the Soho Met

The SO and I are looking for a resto near the Soho Met later this month for a romantic dinner. Our price point is under $30 for the mains, which I think puts Senses out of the race (and Pataki's review was scathing). I have been to Milagro before and enjoyed it, but am looking for other options in that area. Suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. You could walk across Spadina and try either le Select Bistro or Marben (both on Wellington Street). Le Select is a French brasserie that I find charming, although you will see it has mixed reviews on this board. I have not yet tried Marben, but Joanne Kates (the Globe reviewer) did like it - and she's particular. Tutti Matti is a casual neighbourhood restaurant in the neighbourhood with good and authentic Italian fare. I would count all of these three as fairly "romantic" options.

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      Thanks! We have decided on Tutti Matti because it was more casual than the others.

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        Thanks, Rabbit, for the recommendation. We went to Tutti Matti last night and it was yummy. I had the papardelle with braised beef, it was delicious -- the noodles were nice and thick and the meat was falling apart on itself. The SO had the pasta of the day, ravioli stuffed with pheasant, figs, and something else. He enjoyed it but it was a bit small, so the salad and dessert were good calls. I had the tirimisu and it was also fantastic. *sigh* I'm not sure I can eat at Serra's in the annex (my local fave) in the near future.

        I'll defintely go back again. Thanks!