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Jun 2, 2007 09:13 PM

(VERY) early Sun brunch near Chelsea?

I'm having Sunday brunch with friends who are attending a wedding that starts at noon -- so we're meeting at 9:30 a.m. Can anyone recommend a spot other than McDonald's or Duane Reade that will be open at that hour, within a ten-block radius of Chelsea?

Thanks in advance to the early risers...

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  1. Cafeteria, on 7th Av. & 17th St., is open 24/7.

    1. I belive there's a Le Gamin on 15th St (betw 7th & 8th) that would be open. Simple, French breakfast like omlettes, French toast, and they might have crepes, too. The location is pretty small but looks very cute.

      For a larger location that definitely has crepes and even does an eggs benedict special on the weekends, go to their Hudston St location near w10th St. Still a cute space, prices very reasonable, and would probably be a better size for a group.

      I believe their locations all open around 8am.

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      1. re: erin07nyc

        Le Gamin on 15th St. has now changed names to Mon Petit Bistro. I'm not sure if the restaurants are related, but I'm assuming they are b/c the only change seems to be the awning. I'm not sure if hours have changed.

        1. re: Lucia

          I think that I would rather eat at McDonald's, or even Duane Reade, than at Cafeteria. I've never been there, so my bias is based mostly on the royal attitude of the hosts when I have tried to get a table, and partly on dismissive CH comments as well. Which is a shame, because we live around the corner.

          Le Gamin was an excellent suggestion, which we took, with happy results. It has changed names (probably to avoid confusion with the many other similarly-named spots), though according to the bill and their Web site, the new name is Le Grainne Cafe.

          For information's sake, Marquet Patisserie also serves an early breakfast, and the restaurants that are open 24/7 include Village, Florent and French Roast.

          A MenuPages list of NYC restaurants that never close:

          1. re: Lucia

            Yup, the name did change to Le Petite Bistro. I went there for the first time a few weeks ago for brunch and had a great goat cheese and turkey crepe. The potatoes that came with it (I substituted for the salad) was really good too, nicely seasoned. Definitely going back. Good prices, considering you have to pay more than you'd want to anywhere else in the area for food that just passes muster.