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Jun 2, 2007 08:48 PM

Gaucho's in Westfield NJ - Any Details?

While driving around in Westfield this morning I saw a new restaurant is coming to South Avenue on the westerns side at a place where several Restaurants had failed before. It says "Gaucho's BBQ and Grill" coming soon - "Brazilian Cuisine".
They seemingly already set a web site which just one basic page:

A pretty good Brazilian Restaurant (Samba Grill) failed in Westfield several years ago. It was were there is now a Cosi. I hope this one works out as real good Brazilian food is certainly a gap in Westfield right now.

Does anybody have any more information about Gaucho's in Westfield?

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  1. I've noticed it too, but I don't know anything about it. I hope it works out for them as I really miss Samba Grill, but that location on South Ave. is really awful. No convenient parking anywhere except right in front, and that's pretty dicey with all the traffic.

    1. Where on South Avenue is this place? I take the train from W'field Station all the time, and never noticed anything.

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        I'm glad it wasn't just me! I'm in Scotch Plains and take the train everyday and haven't noticed it either! Did that sign go up over the weekend?

        1. re: sivyaleah

          I noticed the sign about a week ago. I'm not sure if you can actually see it from within the the train. You definitely can't see if from the train station in Westfield. It is on the south side of South Avenue just West of were West Broad Street branches off.

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            I live on West Broad, where on earth exactly is this? What used to be there? (I didn't drive that way this weekend at all, so I'm very confused!)

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              Sivyaleah, I live on North Ave and tend to walk around a lot. There used to be a Mexican place called "Taxco Grill" and before that a deli type outfit called "Cafe Taormin" (or so). They both weren't that interesting/remarkable. I have blogged a bit more a bit this a while ago.
              For the location here is a google map. With Google Street View you can actually see the place.

              When they have there "Grand Opening" we will go there together and check it out. ;-))

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                Ok, now I know where it is, it's not near the train station at all, or near town - it's across the street from that office building w/the really nice landscaping, When the original poster said Westfield, I automatically assumed it was "in town" and didn't notice they said on the "western" side. I hope it winds up being better than those other two places - they were duds. When they open, if my husband is around maybe a group of us should try it out together. A few of us have been trying to do this, but alas, my husband has been traveling non-stop on business for weeks on end :-(

                1. re: FoodFetish

                  I never did get to try the Taxco Grill--I went in there once to get something to go, and they told me it would be 20 minutes, which was about 18 minutes more than I could spend. I felt bad about them closing, they were very nice, and if the food was decent, I would have become more of a regular.

                  Although there are no parking lots there, there is ample street parking. Parking for the restaurants in the North Ave./Elm Street area is next to impossible at dinnertime--it's like New York or New Brunswick. If they offer good food at fair prices, I think they will make it.

        2. I just drove by Gaucho's in Westfield and there was heavy construction going on inside. So I stopped and chatted with owner a bit. They are targeting to open end of June. According to him it will be a sit-down type restaurant with a nice atmosphere and service and not just a take out place. He was aware of Samba Grill's fate in Westfield a few years ago and felt he had a better concept. I really look forward to the opening of this new place.

          1. Gauchos is supposed to open today. I hard that the owner put quite a bit of money into renovating this place.

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              Wow, they better have done a lot of work since yesterday. I drove by and the windows were all papered up and nothing was going on at all - no workers, no nothing. Although I guess things could have been happening inside, or it was already finished, but you'd think they need some daylight to do so.