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Jun 2, 2007 08:21 PM

Looking for Rhode Island Restaurant on the Water

Would love to find a great seafood restaurant on the Rhode Island Coast

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  1. The restaurants that come to mind are more across from the water if that would suit. eg Maria's in Misquamicut Beach (sp?) and a couple of more casual spots in Watch Hill overlooking the harbor (the names escape me at the moment).

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    1. re: feelinpeckish

      I haven't been to Maria's in years but I recall a wonderful dinner there. It's certainly a cut above anything else in Misquamicut!

      Turtle Soup in Narragansett is fun with a pretty view opposite the sea wall on Rte 1A- they don't serve specifically seafood, but they'll feature a number of seafood options.

      Really salty: Champlin's in Galilee. The lobster bisque is great, although I don't go for their fried food. They're jammed on the weekends -- fun for a drink and a bowl of the bisque. Their lobster roll is damn good too!

      Low key clam cakes and chowder: Iggy's. This is more of a clam shack than a restaurant and I would advise taking it to the beach for a picnic.

      1. re: foxy fairy

        I really like Champlins - maybe because its right near the Ferry to Block Island...but also because because its casual and you sit looking out on the water and the boats.
        Anyway, they have great lobster rolls, and the best steamers I have had anywhere - sweet as can be. Also their clambake dinner is great - Lobster, mussels and clams, and a piece of corn and a potato - which I never have had room for.

        1. re: LJNew

          I've had decent lobster there, but one night I had the worst lobster. Really, how hard is it to mess up lobster?

    2. Your definition of "great" may also be different from mine, but here are a few of our favorites that are on or near the water:

      * very casual, no waitress service*
      Evelyn's Drive In - Tiverton
      Flo's Clam Shack - Middletown and Portsmouth

      *casual but with waitress service*
      Jim's Dock - East Matunuck
      The Cove - Charlestown

      *more fancy, expensive*
      The Mooring - Newport
      Scales and Shells - Newport

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      1. Not technically RI anymore, but so close across the border (and closer than Newport from Providence): The Back Eddy, and The Bayside, both excellent, in Westport, MA.

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        1. re: janeer

          I agree with recommendations for The Back Eddy, Scales and Shells (not on the water though), and Turtle Soup. Coast Guard House is also nice and right on the water/ Don't waste your time with Flo's but Evelyn's has very nice lobster rolls.

          I had the worst fried scallops in my life at Iggys.....and one of the worst lobster rolls there too. We won't return.

        2. The Boatyard in Tiverton is quite good. It is scituated right above the Sakonnet river and they have very good seafood. Also The Inn At Castle Hill has a fabulous location and has a wonderful (pricey) menu. Clam shacks they ain't but if you're looking for on-the-water dining,these are an option.

          1. I mistakenly said Boatyard in's The Boathouse, not Boatyard