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Jun 2, 2007 07:04 PM

Antoinetta's in Cedar Run

Has anyone tried this new restaurant at Pirate's Pointe Marina?

We stopped there at 6:00 this evening, unaware that we needed a reservation. The hostess politely informed us that they'd be happy to seat us if we were willing to wait nearly 4 HOURS!! Too bad...the restaurant looks wonderful...beautiful water views from every table (all of which were set with white linen cloths and napkins) on both levels.

We took a copy of the menu with us and eveything on it sounded very creative and interesting.

We plan to go back in the next week or so...if anyone has had dinner here, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.

Thanks! :)

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  1. Went there last evening - what a welcome addition to the rather sorry dining scene in Southern Ocean County!

    The building itself is quite lovely inside, with panoramic views of Barnegat Bay from just about every table (the upstairs is quite noisy - not well engineered, acoustically - if you want to have a conversation, ask to be seated downstairs).

    Started with a special of raspberry blue point east coast oysters on the half shell with the best mignonette sauce I've had to date - one of my companions had the shellfish salad appetizer - squid, lobster, scallops, mussels nicely grilled and served in a lemony vinaigrette over endive - excellent.

    All three of our entrees were divine, with the Barnegat Light Day Boat Scallops getting first prize - but it was close - the halibut over a pineapple/lobster salsa, as well as the wild salmon in a cabernet sauce were both first rate.

    It's BYOB, and teh prices weren't too outrageous - three people, appetizers, entress, dessert and coffee came to $168. Can't wait to go back - make sure you make a reservation!

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      Newfie, we had dinner there on Friday night and LOVED it! The food, atmosphere, and service were first rate.

      I had the shellfish salad appetizer was fabulous. My SO had the fried calamari with balsamic glaze...very different and delicious. Main courses were the the wild salmon in cabernet sauce and Dungeness crab cakes...truly wonderful.

      Dessert was a mango and strawberry napoleon...light, not too sweet, just a whisper of fresh whipped cream.

      I thought the prices were reasonable too...our appetizers, entrees and dessert came to $89 and change. We're taking some colleagues there for a business dinner...I have no doubt they'll be impressed!