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Jun 2, 2007 06:55 PM

The Death of Teresa's East Village location

Teresa's East Village location closed after 22 years of business on May, 31. I was unaware of its closing until I found out today. And saddest of all, I never had a chance to say goodbye. So consider this my goodbye to a dear friend:

_On the Death of a Beloved Restaurant_

I kept calling
But there was no answer
On September 12, 2001 the streets were closed, but you were open
Even during the transit strike, you served me
But no longer
No more of your soup, no orders of pierogis to take out
The chicken stew lunch special is unavailable
The luxuriant babka French toast, past
For all the times you delivered a quart of chicken soup like my father’s,
The times I read a newspaper in your living room,
All the people I met between your walls,
The sentimental painting of Warsaw,
And the time when you spilled water on my pants, too –
All are but a memory

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  1. Pan, The closing of a favorite restaurant is always a wrenching experience, something that has happened to all of us at some point in our culinary lives. I've never been to Teresa's. Your farewell "in memorium" made me wish I had.

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    1. re: RGR

      You can still go to their Brooklyn Heights location, but you won't find me there, because Teresa's wasn't a destination restaurant to me, just a beloved local Polish "diner."

    2. There was just a recent thread about Teresa's re: pierogi. Now I will never get to go and compare them to Ukrainian National Home's. Your sentiments also reminded me how devastated I was when VP3 in Chinatown closed.

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      1. re: financialdistrictresident

        The one in the Heights isn't that far away - just one subway stop into Brooklyn - and on a nice day, the promenade overlooking the harbor is as good an excuse as any for a visit if you're really curious about comparing the two...

      2. Oh, no, that's awful! Damn. I was just thinking to myself that I needed to get over there more often.

        1. The NYT article on the demise of Kurowycky pork store today, said that Teresa's could go soon as well. Didn't mention that it was already gone. Still I invite everyone out to Brooklyn (however, on a block more upsacale than Teresa's 1st Ave. used to be) to enjoy the soups and pierogies.