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Baby Blues BBQ in Venice

I went to Baby Blues BBQ tonight (I ordered take out) and MAN it was packed! I figured if I went at 5 it would be easy enough to get in, get out but either they are always this insane or it's because it was recently on the food network. The food does live up to the name though! I wanted to try their beef ribs but they said they were out, so I ordered the baby back ribs even though I'm not a big fan of pork ribs. These were SO good, crunchy on the outside, juicy and tender on the inside! My favorite side was the cornbread, but I also got their corn on the cob (cheese on corn, an interesting idea, worked though) and mac and cheese which was indeed very cheesy! Next time I'll have to get more cornbread though, that one small square wasn't enough! It's a pretty loud environment, and when I finally got my food and left the line was out the door!

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  1. Baby Blues is my BBQ on the Westside. I also recommend the pulled pork, along with the beef and pork. I'm not a fan of BBQ chicken, but their chicken was juicy, not dry.

    1. Baby Blues has worked for their reputation -- I've been going there since the beginning. I like the pulled pork, love the english muffin-type rolls they put it on. Enjoy the Venice vibe with the servers. Not a big fan of the brisket -- it is served pulled like the pork rather than sliced or chopped. Ribs are good. The corn doesn't do it for me -- after more roasting with the cheese, it comes out dry and chewy. I enjoy eating there.

      But oh my! The pulled pork I recently had at Porky's, on Manchester toward the Forum between La Brea and Prairie. Spectacular.

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        Try the pulled/chopped pork at J&J Burger Shack & BBQ on Adams, 2 blocks east of Fairfax. Really good get the sauce 1/2 & 1/2 and a side of slaw, he will no put slaw on his BBQ. Great smoked chicken wings also!

      2. Their food is incredibly good! The scene is a lot more sane at lunch time.

        1. I drove by tonight and couldn't believe how packed it was from the outside...wow....haven't been here in a while.....should go back soon.....i get the pulled pork...so good.....the hot BBQ sauce rocks......corn on the cob with the cotija cheese was great...

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            The crowd might be due to it recently being featured on the food network (http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/show_...)

          2. I eat here a lot, and they deliver too! Really great mac n' cheese and baby back ribs. The combo plates are easily enough food for 2 people.

            1. Believe it or not I am not a big fan of BBQ & never have been but I went to Baby Blues years ago because my friend was exhibiting his photography there & I they won me over, I love their food! The pulled pork sandwich is fantastic & I really enjoy the spicy grilled shrimp. I am just not a fan of ribs but everyone I take there loves them. Their BBQ sauces are great too- not too sweet or (fake) smokey. Another favorite of mine is their pecan pie which is heavily dosed in bourbon or something...so good. Lastly, I have always had great friendly service whether I am dining in or picking up.

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                  yes, and a peach Betty (cobbleresque), key lime pie (sometimes, and i like mine less sweet) and the best banana pudding - just like mom's !

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                    Yes, pecan pie & very tasty! No ice cream though..... and 'local' is right, the banana pudding is yummy too & very homemade tasting. But more often than not, I will choose pecan pie over just about anything.......

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                    On Lincoln at the corner of Sunset in Venice... directly adjacent to the shopping center that houses the Smart & Final, and the indoor flea market that used to be the Fox Venice Theatre...


                  2. I tried their beef ribs recently and was overwhelmed with the size of these puppies. You only get 2 ribs, but OMG. These were like if you took a huge regular beef rib and attached a strip steak to it. There was so much meat I could only eat ONE. I dont eat one of anything, unless it's bad. These were delicious. Have always loved their sides but not crazy about blue cheese in my mac n cheese. Not the taste I want personally.

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                      I really, really like this place - but I like Zeke's in Hollywood even more.

                    2. on my way now you guys have sold me!!!

                      1. their creamed spinach is awesome too....

                        1. wow, i'm glad that they are packed with patrons. i've been going to BB-BBQ for the last 2+yrs and everytime i have gone, it was nearly empty....usually myself a 2-3 other folks. service is very nice and the bbq is good....for the westside. its a good spot to get your bbq fix.

                          1. their lasker burger is also awesome. one of my favorites in la

                            1. I love Babu Blues, I dont get there as often as I would if it were closer to me. Gald they are busy.

                              1. when i went they were out of the pulled pork the baby backs the cotrn on the cob...i say wait until the food network mania dies down... it was ridiculous