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Jun 2, 2007 06:25 PM

Santorini Ideas...

For my first foray into the Greek Islands, I"m spending a few nights in Santorini. I"m staying at the Canaves Hotel in Oia and looking for some fun places to eat/drink/go out. I'm a huge fan of traditional Greek food, but all disciplines are up for debate!

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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  1. Just down the road from Oia - we walked but it was a little farther than I would have liked, to be honest - is a little town called Finikia. There's a restaurant called Finikia's Place with a beautiful patio quite high up overlooking the island. The food is good and a very nice atmosphere. My notes tell me we ate a selection of mezes and some assorted main dishes. It wasn't cheap but not astronomically expensive either.

    1. We went to Greece for our honeymoon 5 years ago, and when in Santorini, we stayed at Canaves. The recommendations that I have are probably outdated, but one thing that was a really popular appetizer was a fava bean puree, almost like a hummus. A lot of places served it and it was really delicious. I have never been able to find it in any Greek place in NYC and I still think about it!

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        The fava puree is on just about every menu in Greece. Some versions are better than others. But it is delicious. We made many meals of just a selection of mezes - and it was just the most wonderful way to eat. You get so many tastes of so many different dishes. Much better than most of the standard mains that were offered. On Santorini, order anything that is made with sun dried or regular tomatoes. They're quite famous for their tomato keftedes (like little fritters) which are excellent.