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Jun 2, 2007 06:22 PM

Cappadocia Restaurants

Need two days/nights worth of recommendations for Cappadocia restaurants. We're staying at Yunak Evleri but are willing to travel anywhere for a good, fun place.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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  1. We stayed in the village of Goreme and had a couple of pretty good meals. One dinner at a place called Cafe Turka which specializes in clay pot cooking - very interesting style and delicious dishes. Another night we ate at a place called A La Turka which was highly recommended in the Lonely Planet guide. I found it overpriced and disappointing. The best meal we did have was prepared for us at our hotel - and to be honest, I would almost always recommend this option if you have it. The woman who ran the hotel where we stayed is a trained chef and made a beautiful dinner, much cheaper than anywhere else - with a very personal and home-cooked flair.

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      I also only stayed in Goreme. I highly recommend Pide House, which I think is only a few years old (my friend who went in 2001 said it wasn't there then, I went in 2005). Really delicious pides, good selection of local wines. They also make excellent manti, which in my case they let me into the kitchen to make myself, but under strict guidance so it was still their flavoring.

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        MERCAN ın Göreme.

        We've stayed ın 23 Turkısh cıtıes, towns and vıllages over the last 5 weeks (I'm wrıtıng thıs from Erzurum, so please pardon the Turkısh keyboard) and Mercan had the best mezes, grılls and fresh hot bread (especıally the lavaş) outsıde of Istanbul. It was the only restaurant on our trıp that we thought deserved a repeat vısıt.

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        Re: Nyleve

        Several months later, but do you recall the name of this hotel with the great chef on hand in house? I'm hoping to head to that area, and it would cut out a good deal of leg work if I knocked out both a great place to stay and to eat in one go....

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          We stayed at Elif Star Cave Hotel - - right in Goreme, just a short walk from dead centre of town. I don't think the place has heating so I hope you're not planning to go in the winter. We were there in late October and it was wonderfully atmospheric little chilly getting out of bed (electric blankets, though!).

          Jacky is the woman who runs the place. She's British by birth by has married a Turkish man, Mustafa, and settled in Gorme. She is a trained chef, cooks all the meals and can do Turkish or anything else. Lovely family, very reasonable price.

      3. we stayed in urgup in september and eren, the host at our hotel, serinn, sent us to 2 great places. the first was called the old greek house in mustafapasa, a 200 year old house owned and run by a lovely family. they have 3 fixed price menus starting for about 25 lira, and it was plenty for 2 of us, 5 or 6 courses. the best cigarette skinny dolmas ever. the second place was in urgup, called somine, where they specialize in testi kebab, a stew cooked in a clay pot that is sealed before it's put in the oven. they crack it open tableside with great fanfare. also had delicious lahmacun there, a spicy pizza type flatbread without cheese. my husband loved the wines in cappadocia as well.

        1. Has anybody any updates from recent experience in the Cappadocia area? we will be dining ther in a couple of weeks. Thanks for your recommendations.

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            This was from last year, but we had two decent meals.

            The first at Dibek. The Testi Kebab was quite good. They'll crack it opwn at your table. The rest was just ok. You'll need a reservation.

            Nostalji Restaurant had just opened. They were in the process of building a newer version of the place. The folks were very nice and took us into the kitchen where the women were prepping the food to look around.


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              Four of us had a lovely meal last night at the Orient Restaurant. Daily special was 4 courses of tasty flavorful Turkish food for just 27.50 lira. Free starter was plate of divine roasted tomatoes and olives. Many other menu options with very good-looking dishes. An interesting, comfortable place with attentive and friendly service. Enjoy a glass of the house won't be sorry.