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Jun 2, 2007 06:21 PM

Izmir Restaurant Ideas

Looking for fun and delicious restaurants in Izmir. We're staying at the Hilton, but are willing to taxi anywhere deemed fun or interesting.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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  1. My wife and I are going to Izmir for a few days in September, did you find any good places to eat that you could recommend?

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      Take a cab out to the area around the Crowne Plaza. There are several restaurants there with water views and incredibly fresh fish. The area caters to Turks, not EuroDollar carrying tourist - and that's reflected in their prices. There are also fishermen who sell grilled to order fish at the pier.

    2. Any other tips on Izmir? I'll be there for a few days next month (July).

      1. Try Reci's (pronounced Reggie's) in the neighbourhood called Alsancak, walking distance from the Hilton. Order a lavas pizza (very thin crust): the best one is the eggplant (patlican) lavas.It has no tomatoes. A casual place, no alcohol, but fun and friendly with outdoor seating. Good for lunch.
        Also, try along the water in Alsancak. Lots of fish places with varying prices, service,
        and ambience. Look especially for grilled cupra, a local fish. A nice walk along the seaside, too, in checking out the restaurants.
        If you like sweets, when you leave Reci's walk to your right and take the first right. Walk down to the end of the block, and on your right hand side, at the corner, will be a cafe, with plate glass windows and a large outdoor seating area. They have fantastic desserts, home-made ice cream, chocolates, cakes, etc. An upscale place for Izmir, sometimes seeming a bit pretentious... but nice desserts and good people watching seating.
        Or go into Kemeralti (the street bazaar, within walking distance from the Hilton), let yourself get lost, try some stuffed mussels (you won't get sick), and enjoy finding your way back out again.

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        1. re: crowbar

          I tried to figure out where Reci's was during my stay in Izmir (we were near the Crowne Plaza), but I didn't see it until we drove by on our way out of the city to Ephesus. I don't know that the Reci's I saw is walking distance from the Hilton, so maybe there are 2 locations.

          We ate at one of the fish restaurants next to the Crowne Plaza (the first fish restaurant on the right hand side if you are walking from the Crowne Plaza). The fish was very fresh, although the US Dollar is in the tank and it was a bit pricey. Nevertheless, my sole was worth it.

          My favorite place in Izmir is located near the Hilton and it is called Topcu. We walked through the area for about half an hour before we noticed the busy restaurant and it was one of our best meals in Turkey. They are known for their skewers. Everything, from the bread, mezes, chicken, lamb and even dessert was delicious. Dinner for two was about $60 (including beers), much cheaper than dining along the Izmir waterfront. The location is close to the Alsancak district's Cumhuriyet Square. There is an article on the restaurant in the Turkish Daily News web site dated July 21, 2008. If it post a link I am sure this post will get deleted.

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            You are welcome to post a link to the article - it's posting the text of the article here that would be an issue.

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              It turns out there are several Reci's in the Izmir area (I googled it to double-check), but only the one in Alsancak. It is definitely not walking distance from the Crowne Plaza but is an easy walk from the Hilton.
              I don't think the one you saw on your way out of town was the one I'd talked about. It's not really on the route out of town (I mean, possible, but not likely).
              Glad you found some places you liked!

              1. re: crowbar

                I should have tried to get the address for the Reci's near the Hilton since we wandered for a while and ended up at Topcu since I didn't see Reci's. I looked at my credit card bill and Topcu was actually $45 for two, not $60.
                The second Reci's is up on the large hill - it's a residential area and you can loop around that hill to take the main highway out of Izmir. I wish I knew the name of the area but I was only there for 3 days.
                Nevertheless, thanks for the tips!

          2. The original comment has been removed