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Brunch at Salty's in W Seattle

Has anyone been here for Sunday brunch? I have heard that Salty's is popular with tourists - but how is the food at brunch?

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  1. Went a year+ ago. The food wasn't awful, wasn't great. It was good enough that I'd go again and bring the parents if they were in town.

    I've had one outstanding brunch in my life (at a hotel in Hahvahd Square - http://www.henriettastable.com/). I've had a couple horrid ones (mostly at chain restaurants). Otherwise, most of them are in the 'It was ok' category. But, really, when you're serving up an all you can eat brunch, the food isn't likely to be top notch.

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      I agree-there just isn't a way to have really good food in an all you can eat buffet. Salty's food is generally mediocre-some things are decent and others are awful. People not really into food tend to really like Salty's.

    2. The food at Salty's is pretty good, but i do prefer the food (and atmosphere/service) at Palisade( http://www.palisaderestaurant.com) . Although if you are looking for a brunch buffet, Palisade's brunch ($27) is the type where you select an entree, and there is a salad, cold bar (shell yourself shrimp, raw oyster's), and a pancake buffet. Another option, cheaper (and you get what you pay for at $20) is Salmon House.(http://www.ivars.net/Salmon_House_Hom...) on Lake Union, which is a traditional Sunday buffet brunch. Both have great views from the dining area.

      1. Went on the Sat before Mother's Day. We got sat downstairs, which is in due need of renovations. It dates back well into the 70s. The food is mediocre at best and it is like $35/head. The waiter told us we "had to try to lobster ravioli", so i waited for like 15 minutes to get an incredibly dry, tasteless ravioli. I would totally avoid Salty's.

        1. Newcastle Golf Course has a really good brunch in my opinion. I guess everyone's right... at an all-you-can-eat type venue, you're not likely to get stellar food, but I could make a meal out of the shredded potatoes they have and the desserts!

          1. Went there over the Memorial Day weekend. The food was divine - loved the Eggs Benedict. But I think Salty's claim to fame is really its view over Elliot Bay towards the city skyline, rather than its food.

            1. I've tried brunch at Salty's three or four times and have found it to be mediocre every time. Nice view. Take tourists and non-foodies. They'll love it!

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                The view is great. The food is bad and rather spendy. I'll never go again.

              2. Many other nice places to go. The view is nice, but the food for the price, or for the trip for that matter, is not worth it.

                1. I love Salty's brunch. I've been for the last two Easters (very crowded, have to wait even after the reservation time!) and then this last Saturday (not nearly as crowded). The hot food is not great, but who is going to eat all that when there's all-you-can-eat crab legs, peel-n-eat shrimp, oysters, smoked salmon and Belgian waffles??? Truth be told, that's pretty much all I eat there, and I think it's great! The view is spectacular - we took out of towners this last time and got a nice table so they could see the view. I had my back to the water, but they'd put in nice mirrors so I could still see it!

                  1. Reviving this thread as we're heading there tomorrow for a bday brunch. Planning on spending most of my time with the raw bar, but are there any hot dishes not to be missed?!

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                      Please report back and tell us how it was, mcmullek!

                    2. I've been a few times, mostly for Sunday brunch, and a few Thanksgiving's and New Year's Eve's. I thought the food was good, not great, but I definitely wouldn't call it "bad." It's not at all adventurous or trendy, which I have no problem with, but some folks will. The view is fabulous. It's a good place to take out-of-town guests--at least the ones who aren't serious foodies. I don't go often, but I'd have no problem going again if the right occasion came up.