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Jun 2, 2007 06:04 PM


Has anyone yet tried Blanco, the new Fox Restaurants place at La Encantada?

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  1. Not yet, but there was a very favorable review in this week's Arizona Daily Sun.

    1. We ate at Blanco the other night and loved it. Great vibe, very cool design and best of all excellent high quality food . Highly recommend the place. A great addition to Tucson and a tasty change in Mexican food. Dont miss the amazing chocolate cake for dessert.

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        Almost tried Blanco for lunch today..
        Stupid me.....IIwent to North just across the way @ La Encantada.
        I went w/ the familiar as we have a North in Scottsdale....I knew what I was getting.

        I had no idea Blanco was a Fox Restaurant.
        I am down in Tucson @ a conference this week...when I arrived back @ the meeting I overheard a few ofthe conference attendees say they had the Fish Taco's @ Blanco and the were the best they had ever had.....

        I am bummed......I am heading home tomorrow....

        I will have to try Blanco on another Visit....or Maybe Sam Fox will open a location in Phx soon!!!

        North Restaurant
        2995 E Skyline Dr, Tucson, AZ 85718

      2. I haven't tried Blanco yet either. In truth, I'm still rather cranky with Fox for closing Bistro Zin... I'm sure I'll get over it soon and head back to the remaining Fox restaurants.

        1. I would say it is your classic Fox Concepts Restaurant. Good affordable food, with a chic interior, and great service. My only knock was the margs, but I am pretty picky about them. I asked the server if they use mix and she said no just lime juice, which is what I like, tequila, cointreau, lime, and maybe a small amount of simple syrup. However, it was clear they use a sour mix, to their defense they make there own sour mix with fresh lime juice but I still was not a fan. The next time I went they were more than happy to oblige me with the ingredients I like, in fact the bartender sent out the tequila in a glass with shots of cointreau, simple syrup and the sour mix so that I could mix it myself. Now that is service!!! I am not one to make people at a restaurant go out of their way and all I had asked for was a little less sour mix nothing more and they went a step further. I thought that was pretty nice of them. In the end I think it is definitely worth a try especially if you like Fox's other restaurants.