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Jun 2, 2007 06:00 PM

Croissant Hankering

I am not a freak about french pastry- however sometimes you just need to sink your teeth into something buttery-flakey-light-divine, who knows where I can get the best croissant in town?

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  1. I'm not sure about the best traditional croissant, but I love the "pretzel" croissant at the City Bakery (18th st. off 5th ave) It's flakey, buttery and salty. delicious.

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      You took the words right out of my mouth, muffintop. I DREAM about those pretzel croissants, and it's not doing anything for my figure that I work around the corner from City Bakery.

      Failing that, Eli Zabar's croissants are also quite perfect, especially with a little of his excellent raspberry jam no butter necessary.

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        ah, yes, those are yummy. for a regular croissant - Ceci Cela on Spring.
        Financier in Wall St is pretty decent (although their pain au chocolate is a waste of time)

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            If you are looking for something buttery-flaky-light, I would not recommend City Bakery's pretzel croissant. They're more doughy and bready. Ceci-Cela is more of what you're looking for.

            1. re: Miss Needle

              I concur. The pretzel croissant is salty, IIRC.

            2. Patisserie Claude
              La Bergamote

              1. If you are Downtown Financier (3 locations) is pretty much the only option. Chocolate and almond are my favorites.

                1. Cafe Margot on 74th Street west of Broadway. Though it can be hit or miss, if they're on, the croissants are remarkable.

                  1. I am with Lucia. I like:

                    Silver Moon - my favorite plain crossiant - may I say that they have succeeded in wrapping a little heaven in this classic moon-shaped "plain" crossiant? The word plain is an oxymoron because this croissant is nothing but plain. Perfectly flaky and buttery, yet so light and delicate - doesn't that just sound like heaven?

                    Patisserie Claude - the plain croissant which has an super-flaky and yet moist texture, plus the buttery flavor.

                    La Bergamote - the chocolate croissant with the right amount of bittersweet choco that is not too sweet or greasy (The chocolcate croissant at Patisserie Claude, on the other hand, has too much chocolate and hence overpowered the buttery flavor of the croissant itselt, IMO).

                    Panya (at East Village) - This little Japanese bakery offers some interesting versions of the traditional croissant. The bite-size mini sweet croissant has a great buttery flavor and it is a perfect snack for afternoon. They have savory croissants which I actually enjoy, and it is particularly delicious when it is warmed up with gooey chesse inside (though the cheese seemed to be cheap processed cheese). This is probably not for everyone as their croissants, while flaky, have less "layers" inside and it's a bit one-dimensional. Nevertheless I like their own take on the croissants when I want something different.

                    Cafe Falai - A new comer among my favorite bakery stores, cafe falai has some great croissants like chocolate pear fillings. Their donuts are another treats that I like!

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                      I second Silver Moon. Absolutely buttery, flakey and delicious.