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Pre-LSAT eating study place near Hyatt Regency Embarcadero?


I'm taking the LSAT at the Hyatt Regency lunch time on June 11 (Monday). Any suggestions for somewhere nearby to eat, prep/study, and generally center ones self before hand?

Thanks hounds!


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  1. If you're going to hang out and study, I'd recommend staying away from the restaurants because you'll have a waiter interupting you and wanting you to leave so they can turn the table. The ferry building is right across the street and a few places are open in the morning to grab pastries and coffee/tea/juice, plus there are lots of places to sit undisturbed and study, get centered with a view of the bay, etc.

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      i agree with sgwood... so get a QUICK but filling lunch.. i say a nice fresh deli type sandwich from the ferry building... they also have that one grill place, if you wanted something hot. they have a good meatloaf grilled vegetable dish...

      avoid a place with LONG lines, so in that case, you will have to be picky about wher eyou go. the japanese place has to go, but for soem reason, whenever i'm out there it's a LONG line...

      i'm not sure how you are with standardized testing, but i would advise against having something too heavy.. in case you are fearing the nerves...

      the ferry building area is also a good place to unwind before the next half... i don't remember taking the LSAT (YEARS YEARS YEARS AGO) but if you don't have to study between, then please don't. just regroup and focus. nerves could potentially be your worst enemy.

      GOOD LUCK =)

    2. or you can cross to the street to the One Market complex and there are places in the lobby (food court - Starbucks, SF Soup + others) with tables...or cross Mission Street to Rincon Annex and also food court with lots of choices and places to sit

      1. If you want to eat at a restaurant you could eat at One Market Restaurant either at the Bar (if you need a table) or at the Counter area near the back, next to the kitchen for a diversion (just not really space to spread out study materials).

        1. Caffe Massimo, in the building where the Hyatt is, on the Market St side next door to Subway. Good coffee, gelato, sandwiches, couches, and not crowded between the morning and lunch rush.

          1. go to yank sing, (in rincon center) the food is good and filling.

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              Yank Sing doesn't open until 11am, so with a lunchtime test at the Hyatt that doesn't leave much time. YS is great though, but maybe better when you have more time to relax and enjoy the meal.

              The Rincon center does have some open space and tables where you can sit in the morning to study without being bothered, and there are some other places in there which should be open earlier so you can grab a snack/coffee.

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                dim sum will potentially would cause food coma--> bad idea on lsat day.

              2. noah's bagels on the same block as the hyatt. you can sit outside and prep. enjoy a bagel and coffee

                1. My LSAT was ... well, you were possibly just about being born. The quick aside is don't be having a stressful cram session right before the test. Personally, I think you should eat something light but filling, not a high-sodium bomb, and nothing that is going to give you a post-carb crash during the test. My top two choices would be Lulu Petite or Boulette's Larder for food types. After the test, go back somewhere else for a big pile o'crap somewhere else!

                  1. If it HAS to be at the Ferry Building (which it doesn't, of course) I'd suggest Imperial Tea Court, though I'm not sure what time they start serving food. It's generally quiet, the fare is light, and you could envision yourself studying for the Imperial Examinations, after which you will be unfazed by a mere LSAT exam.

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                      That was my first thought. But when I went to provide the website address, I found out Imperial Tea was closed on Monday. I'd go with Boulette's Larder.

                    2. Folks, we've removed some off topic posts from this thread. If you'd like to give Havalinah suggestions for specific local restaurants/markets with foods that would be good for her situation, please add those suggestions here.

                      Havalinah, if you are looking for general suggestions on what types of foods would be best for taking the LSAT, please start a new thread on the General Chowhounding Topics board, where the information will be useful to hounds everywhere. This helps us keep this board narrowly focused on sharing tips of interest only to local SF hounds.