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Jun 2, 2007 03:45 PM

De Buyer Cookware is ABSOLUTELY Amazing!!!

This week I took delivery of a 10 pc set of De Buyer Affinity cookware that was on sale at for $399.00 INCLUDING shipping the origional price was over $1200.00.
I had looked for cookware for several weeks and considered both All Clad and Demeyere.... Let me tell you folks that may be lookiung for cookware... YOU NEED TO LOOK AT THIS STUFF!!!.... It is hands down better than All Clad ( heavier and better constructed ) and since I did buy one pc of Demeyere Atlantis ( thinking I'd pc together a set of Demeyere ) and could evaluate both the Demeyere and De Buyer side by side there is almost no differance between the two. No kidding! They even look alike with the exception that the Demeyer has welded handles.
So folks if your in the market for some really nice cookware you owe it to yourself to look at Be Buyer.

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  1. What do you think of the handle ergonomics on the sauce pans and fry pans?

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      The Handles are as nice as Demeyere .... very user friendly the pats and pans balance well. FYI at they still show some sets available and they have a satisfaction guarantee for returns if you don't like them (that will never happen though ). As I said I bought a Demeyere Atlantis sauce pan and the de Buyer is nearlyt as nice. I paid $150.00 plus shipping for one pc of Demeyere and $399.00 including shipping for the 10 pc set of de Buyer. Given that All Clad also has rivited handles .... de Buyer is far and away better.

    2. Have you cooked with this set? Perhaps you got an older set, but the Affinity from de Buyer being sold now is solid stainless and not 7-ply clad. Check out to confirm. Also, check the labels that came with the pans (if you still have them). It looks beautiful and is heavy, but I am skeptical that it heats as well as clad. I am also rather perturbed that the pans I bought (and will soon return) were falsely advertised as 7-ply clad.

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        Here is a photo of the label on the bottom of an Affinity de Buyer frying pan.

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          Since De Buyer's web site is vague about its cookware construction, I've sent them an e-mail asking for details. If retailers are selling plain stainless steel as 7-ply, that looks like out-and-out fraud.

          1. re: mpalmer6c

            check it out:
            I just visited the debuyer website and it says that Affinity cookware is a multi-layer material, 7 layers, stainless steel and aluminium combination, 2.3-2.8 mm. Go to stainless steel and hit the button "See the comparitive table of the range"

        2. Hmm... time will tell? After use. Testing.
          New poster.....

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          1. re: OCEllen

            Hey, I hope it is 7-ply and the French just call that "composite stainless steel alloy" and "solid 2.8mm thick one-piece construction." If I am mistaken, I will gladly retract my warning. I had been looking forward to getting these pans for some time (as I do like my de Buyer double boiler), but now am quite concerned. I also e-mailed de Buyer yesterday, but have not heard back yet. My suspicion is that de Buyer's cookware used to be 7-ply (that is what I remember from before their website changed) but recently they changed it to solid stainless alloy, without telling the few U.S. retailers who are selling it. I do not suspect intentional fraud, but a lack of communication could very well be the culprit.

            The picture of the label did not turn out too well... too small. I will try to blow it up, and hopefully it will be more legible.

          2. As I stated above, if I was mistaken, I would say so. According to de Buyer via the retail buyer, something was lost in translation and the Affinity line is 7-ply clad. The language of the label and the lack of any reference to aluminum, layers, or cladding still has me a bit uncertain, but perhaps highlighting such things does not have the same marketing appeal as it does in the states.

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            1. re: chexi

              Hi Chexi,
              Thank you for your posts. I too have just bought a 10 piece set of de Buyer Affinity. Yes, it's beautiful...but, indeed the label on each pot says composite stainless steel alloy, solid one-piece. From your latest post above, do I understand that you heard back from de Buyer and the Affinity line is indeed 7-ply clad/aluminium...regardless of the label on each pot? (the label on their website is different)
              Thanks for your help!

            2. Check this link. At the bottom of the page it describes a homogeneous steel alloy. Is this yours? I have no idea how this cookware performs, but I would be surprised if it is similar to copper as the web site implies. Let us know what you think as far as hot spots go. It is definitely a new construction type. I don't think clad is the answer to all, and I am a fan of Demeyere disk bottom pans for my smooth cooktop, so I am open minded and would try one of any type of pan if it performs well. Also, what type of cooktop do you have and what are you cooking?