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Jun 2, 2007 03:18 PM

Murano in west hollywood

anyone tried it yet? being asked to go there tonight and not sure...

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    1. re: sheshelala

      I've only been there for drinks. But apparently the chef trained at the French Laundry in Napa. Menu is nice, definitely a little more on the pricey side. But the place is beautiful.

      1. re: kproq323

        Is the cuisine Venetian or is the name just a tease?

        1. re: PlonkMan

          Yeah, do they really have Murano glass in there?

          1. re: slacker

            I could do without a mouthful of glass, but a plate of sarde in saor would hit the spot.

    2. so i did end up going and it was ok...
      great bar, food was ok. appetizers were good, but nothing to write home about. and very small portions at expensive prices. terrible steak that was rubber.. sent it back. replacement was just so-so.
      they do have murano all over the restaurant. keep in mind its 2 seconds away from "boys town" so something to think about in terms of if its "your thing" - or not.
      dont know if i would go back.

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      1. re: dkrocks

        I was there last night and thought the food was decent to very good. I started off with the scallops with English peas, pea tendrils and mushrooms. There was nothing wrong with it per se but the flavors did not really come together (the peas were a bit firm and I was hard-pressed to find the mushrooms). My entree, on the other hand, was terrific, a mille feuille (using phyllo) of lamb shank meat and ratatouille. The appetizers were a bit pricey (e.g. $18 for two largish scallops) but I thought the entree reasonable at $29. Wine pricing by the glass is a bit odd (no uniform mark-up) and I wish they had more Italian wines by the glass. The decor is stunning (yes, there is real Murano glass) and the crowd eclectic. It can get noisy but I think it would be a good choice for a date.