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Jun 2, 2007 03:06 PM

La Campania

I actually took the commuter rail to Waltham to meet my husband to try this place last night. It was worth the trip! Wow. This place holds its own against our favorite city establishments! We sat on the patio, which was lovely and romantic, despite the fact that busy Moody Street is on the other side of the enclosing fence. I had a delicious pan seared foie gras in phyllo with a "port wine and orange reduction and drizzle of gorgonzola crema" for an appetizer. Wine list is impressive. The chef hand-delivered complimentary pasta courses between our appetizer and entree- the most amazing gnocchi with wild mushrooms and white truffle oil: to die for. I think this was the best pasta I've had in the greater Boston area; honestly, it put the North End to shame. Entrees were equally delicious. I had the duck (apricot and pear brandy sauce), which stands up with pride to my favorite duck, at Salts. I highly recommend this place. Worth the trip from the city to the 'burbs! We'll be back.

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  1. You had two favorites I've enjoyed there as well - the gnocchi and the duck. It really is a superb place all around - food, service, ambiance.

    1. La Campania is a real treasure. It looks beautiful too since they expanded. By the way, it's on Main Street, not Moody.

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        Oops- that's what I meant. I mix up the Ms. Thanks for the correction!

      2. Shhhhh. Don't let any more people know that this place is one of the best places in the Boston area.... just kidding, the word is out. Great food and an excellent wine program (all Italian wines, a few Champagnes) has made this place popular drawing from Boston, Cambridge and especially the Western Burbs (Newton, Wellesley, Weston, etc). Was already a tough table and since Zagat rated them #7 (I think) in the city in the 2008 guide it's already made it even more impossible to get in.

        1. Interesting. I just took a look at their menu, and it looks great. However, I recall looking at their menu years ago --we're talking probably 10 years ago or more --and noting it had a strong southern italian influence...pastas, fish, red sauces, garlic...prices in the high teens/low 20' the menu seems to be geared much more on grilled meats/fish/etc, ie.more of a northern influence..with much higher prices. Am I remembering the old place right? And if so, has the menu just evolved over the years into more of a northern menu? Or am i confused? (which is always possible).... Regardless, it still looks good..just different than I remember.

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            yes it has definately evolved. we first went there about 8 years ago and defiantely more southern style influence than there is now on the menu. campaigna is where naples is in s.italy if i'm not mistaken.