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What's for dinner?

Everyone going out tonight, or is anyone cooking? If so, what are you having? I am home tonight and cooking buffalo wings and southern collard greens...You should smell my kitchen...Better than a great candle!!LOL So...What's for dinner at your house?

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  1. jinet that's quite a combo. I'm at a loss....I don't feel like cooking, it's too hot. I'm thinking icecream and fudge sauce sounds like a good meal. Maybe a good brownie just for the fiber, to go along with it.

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      A novel approach to adding fiber to your diet...Love that idea!

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        I thought about that, and then decided on Panzanella salad.

      2. We're feasting on spoils from the farmers' market: salad with roasted beets and wasabi goat cheese (Capriole!!!), bison ribeyes, grilled potatoes with green garlic and herbs, and ice cream topped with balsamic roasted strawberries.

        Don't tell my neighbors ; ).

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          oh god, that sounds amazing. I was just thinking that othervoice could add strawberries to the lovely sundae for both fiber and vitamin C! I could barely drag my pregnant butt to throw breaded chicken into the toaster oven for my 1 year old. The oatmeal and flaxseed in the breading barely saves me from maternal delinquency, at least in my books.

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            alex, I love the strawberry idea....that just about rounds out the food groups. Your 1 yr old would love my dinner.!!!

        2. Grilled bulgogi soft tacos.
          Had some leftover grilled bulgogi and a package of "taco size" soft flour tortillas. A fresh batch of napa kimchi. so...
          chopped bulgogi topped with shredded lettuce, diced tomato & kimchi, shredded chedar, and a little gochujang.

          1. I'm eating in tonight - finally turned on the A/C here in the Boston area this afternoon, as it was just a bit too warm. I'm making a steak salad from leftover tri-tip from last night marinated in a Firecracker sauce found at Country Living - my favorite beef marinade:


            Sliced steak, mango slices, red pepper, and asparagus on lettuce, dotted with some tangy goat cheese and sprinkled with some Trader Joe's Tuscan Italian dressing with balsamic vinegar.

            Also made some Pasta Salad with Lemon & Peas - a small scoop of that alongside as well. I'll be making a roast chicken tomorrow, so the chicken and pasta salad will be good work lunches.


            1. Salad with SHroom, bacon bits shredded strong cheddar and the ONLY dressing my mum ever made from scratch when I was growing up!

              Apple Cider Vin
              Garlic Powder
              Dried Oregano
              Olive Oil

              I like it more worcheshire - y so I add a little more of that. But everything there is to taste.

              Oh and I have some grape tomaotes that I am going to halve and throw in too.

              1. Braised artichokes from Julia's MTAFC
                Goan meat tarts from Mangoes & Curry Leaves
                Tomato Chutney from M&CL
                Paneer from M&CL
                Palak Paneer from Gourmet
                Chocolate souffle from epicurious

                What a wacky menu!

                1. Jinet, interesting combination if I may say so! I love BOTH! Anyway, after a crazy Memorial Day weekend in New Orleans for my nephew's wedding, I'm trying to be thrifty...at work on Friday, there must have been 30 leftover homemade corn tortillas from a marketing luncheon, so I wrapped them all up and brought them home...tonight I am trying #1 Buzz Box recipe on Epicurious for Stacked Chicken Enchiladas since I also have some leftover cooked chicken breast meat. Link below and by the way, the Pickled Red Onions are what 'grabbed' me...reviewers said they are stellar:


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                    If you want a somewhat different kind of mexican casserole, this is it! No red tomatoes in it and it's not smothered in cheese, just 6 ounces (I could only find muenster). But those pickled red onions are 'da bomb'! Turned a bright fuschia color also which was intriguing...very delicious! Even had some for breakfast this morning. Note: you don't need to pickle the onions overnight as instructed in the recipe...I sliced the red onion thinly and then in half with marinade at 2:30 p.m.; tasted great by 7:00 p.m.

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                      I have this recipe torn out of the magazine in my "to try" folder. I'm glad it worked out for you. The pickled red onions are what caught my attention, too.

                  2. Just ordered a pizza. I've been getting ready for 20+ people here tomorrow for an Asian pot luck. House keeping, making Cha Gio for the group to fry tomorrow, poaching chicken for Vietnamese chicken salad eyc. etc. have done a number on my back. Feet up and someone else can do the cooking tonight.

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                      <swooning>...Candy, please tell us the results when you can...I just pulled the Stacked Chicken whatever out of the oven to sit for a bit but your agenda for tomorrow sounds OH-SO-GREAT!

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                        I'll try to report back with some photos. The great thing with this pot luck is not knowing what it coming. I know one person who taught in Korea is bringing a Korean soup, an Indonesian/Dutch friend is bringing Gado Gado, another the shrimp toast from Into The Vietnamese Kitchen. It will be fun to see what all shows up.

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                          It is up on home cooking. Let me know what recipes you want.

                    2. Cold pizza and a slice of lemon meringue pie i drove 45 miles round trip to buy this morning....maybe a package of ramen noodle too, fancy huh?

                      1. risotto with asparagus, chicken, grated cheese and some herbs. it's hot out and i refuse to fire up the ac.

                        1. Just finished an early dinner - courtesy of Sunday Suppers at Lucques - as husband jet lagged.

                          Curried English Pea Soup with Creme Fraiche (cold)
                          Wild Salmon Salad with Beets, Potato, Egg and Mustard Vinaigrette
                          Raspberry Gratin

                          Tomorrow night we're having:

                          Grilled Veal Chops with Summer Squash Gratin and Salsa Verde
                          Haricots Verts and Fresh Shell Bean Ragout
                          Probably a small green salad with the leftover mustard vinaigrette, and another sweet gratin as I have some of the custard left over.

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                            Wow! Nice job! That wild salmon salad is absolutely beautiful.

                            I'm a slacker - ordered in Chinese last night, and tonight I'm making a single dish from Sunday Suppers - the orecchiette carbonara with peas, pea shoots, applewood smoked bacon, and pancetta. Tomorrow, the young onion tart.

                            (carbonara recipe link):

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                              That's delicious - another reason I bought pea shoots for this salad was because I couldn't find them when I made the orchiette and had actually never tried them before. The ones I got were called "snow pea shoots" - had a nice crisp taste with a little bit of a bite, which I bet will be a great contrast to the richness of the pancetta etc. I still want to make one of those tarts - and I think I saw some young onions yesterday.

                          2. I envy those of you in warm places. Here it's foggy and awful. The robins are eating all our cherries so I'm going to pick a bunch and make goat cheese-stuffed chicken breasts with cherry sauce.

                            1. I'd like some barbecued ribs, but I just pulled them out of the freezer about a half hour ago. I suppose that will be Monday's dinner.

                              I'm leaning toward shrimp and grits tonight... still not decided on what style I'm going for. Probably creamy.

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                                I'm having your ribs tonite! Well, am having my ribs . . . made them last night, baking them, and by the time they were done, I was all in, so they went in the fridge. Will whip up some basmati rice with saffron, and make an ear of yellow corn on the cob to go with. And value-priced wine from TJ's to wash all the lovely food down!

                              2. We went out tonight but having company tomorrow:
                                Chilled roasted asaparagus soup with sour cream and chives
                                Fresh linguini with bolognese sauce
                                HOmemade chocolate ice cream and strawberry sorbet

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                                  Tonight in front of the TV watching the Sox/Yankees game it was grilled spicy turkey sausages in whole wheat rolls with maple syrup mustard and a whopping salad with everything but the kitchen sink thrown in and a vinaigrette dressing with blue cheese.
                                  I'm thinking I should probably fast tomorrow.

                                2. I'm making fish tacos for the first time! But sadly that will have to wait until tomorrow - but I get to coo about them because I fully intended to make them tonight. I traipsed giddily into my favorite little fish market for cod fresh from the sea -- and all of the tourists beat me to it! (I suppose I could take all-from-scratch to the next level, hop in my kayak and catch some fish with my bare hands :) Instead, I'm going to make all of my salsas and sides tonight, giving them extra hours to turn into delicious little potions. I'm trying an epicurious recipe for buttermilk-marinated crispy fish tacos with cool extras like pickled red onion and jalapeno. I'm craving the tacos I used to get at breezy little places in Laguna Beach and I think this should replicate the crispy-yet-light effect:


                                  Also, (drum roll!) I'm making blueberry lavender ice cream for dessert tomorrow :) so I guess it will be quite a feast day. A hike will be in order in the afternoon to work up on appetite! I'll use Nigella's basic custard recipe and add in the summer goodies.

                                  So for tonight -- hmm. It's hot and I'm not in the mood for a big elaborate deal unless it's my fish tacos. So I might go with grilled peaches and nectarines,vanilla ice cream, and balsamic-black pepper syrup. Since I'm grilling, dessert can be dinner, right? ;)

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                                    oh foxy foxy foxy. now you've gone and done it. i've been meaning to pick up some sort of ice cream mechanism to try out some recipes, but they're expensive and clunky...but now, oh NOW I cannot put it off any longer...I MUST MAKE THE BLUEBERRY LAVENDER ICE CREAM!!! Will you share? Blueberries are my favorite AND I've got fresh lavender growing in a pot on my sill. SO, I'm thinking...what about those ice cream balls? Certain to be fun, good for camping...Does anyone have experience with these? Or should I just do the old can in the can trick? Oh my. I need not the weight of an ice cream machine on my thighs. Oy.

                                  2. Well...as much as I enjoyed my wings and collards, I am MORE than impressed with what the rest of you are having...Can you imagine what a great dinner party we would have if we all got together? You guys rock!

                                    1. I've got a beautiful golden coloured mackerel (not sure what sort of mackerel this is) that I think I'll try salt-broiling, with guacamole and roast tomatoes on the side.

                                      1. sauteed red onion and garlic, lots of avocado, fresh cilantro and sour cream with lime juice whisked in rolled up in flour tortillas.

                                        Easy and tastes good but WOW, my poor family has no idea what they are missing and I am *never ever* going to let them read Chowhound.

                                        I want to eat over at all of your houses.

                                        1. Last nights Bulgogi soft tacos were really good.
                                          Tonight will be grilled LA style kaibi, mashed potatoes, fried rice, and ban chan - fresh oi and napa kimchi, seasoned spinach, bean sprouts, and candied lotus.

                                          1. I"m trying out a new herb mixture I just discovered- hyssop za'atar, on boneless/skinless chicken breasts tonight. Going to marinate the chicken with it in some olive oil and lemon and grill it - if it doesn't wind up pouring (we're due for some nasty weather in the northeast tonight). If it does guess I'll whip out my Le Crueset grill pan instead.

                                            Probably serving it with leftover mac & cheese which does not really go with it but my husband is going out of town for the week and it's going to go to waste otherwise. Roasting a melange of root veggies sprinkled with garam marsala. It's one of our favorite ways to have them.

                                            Desert? Just some fresh fruit, strawberries and blueberries - naked.

                                            A mish-mash of flavors - but we'll enjoy it nonetheless.

                                            1. Well this, so far, has definitely been a cooking day...I have already made my meatloaf, though will wait to cook it tonight...Ground sirloin, sauteed onions and garlic, roasted red peppers, white cheddar and sharp cheddar cubes, chipolte salsa, cilantro, and spices...Dessert is already made as well...Tried a great new cookie recipe...Posted it under the "Rhubarb/Killer Cookie" thread...With the leftover greens, think I'm set! (Have to get everything out of the way...I NEVER cook when The Sopranos are on!) LOL

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                                                Remember the episode where Tony's nutso lover chucked that gorgeous steak at him? What a waste! That bothered me more than the violence, which is just business!

                                              2. Ah..... I've planned an PanAsian themed menu for tonight. The pork is marinating as I write.
                                                Pork Satay with Pickled vegetables and sesame seed
                                                Cold Sesame Noodles - with cabbage (out of sprouts!)
                                                Broccoli - Need help here
                                                Crazy Coconut Pie with whipped cream

                                                I've been thinking about doing this menu all week! Now if I can just come up with a broccoli side.....HELP!

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                                                  You could always parboil the broccoli, then marinate it in Teriyaki Sauce with a splash of Basalmic Vinegar....

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                                                    Make a dressing with some soy sauce, honey, roasted sesame oil, toasted seame seed, and rice vinegar.
                                                    Lightly steam the broccoli, then toss it with the dressing. Let it stand in the fridge for about half an hour, tossing every once in awhile, then garnish with a little more of the sesame seed just before serving.

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                                                      Both of your suggestions were excellent ideas. Hannanone I didn't have a "salad" a part of our meals that we "just" have to have. So your idea with this recipe was a tasty and crunchy way to get our salad fix. It was delicious! The family ate it all then asked for more. Thank you so much for your insipiration!

                                                  2. Grass-fed ribeye steak, sourdough French roll, coleslaw w/sweet ranch dressing.

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                                                      I got some talopia fillets yestrday and I will bake them in a foil pouch with garlic, lemon
                                                      slices, and red onion. I will follow that with a pilaf dish, fresh green salad and blue
                                                      cheese dressing. lemon cake with vanilla ice cream, and plenty of ice tea to wash
                                                      it down.

                                                    2. Marinated mushrooms tossed on the grill and grilled prawns

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                                                        Mmmm- marinated mushrooms on the grill! What kind of marinade? Big shrooms or small?

                                                        1. re: foxy fairy

                                                          Asian style marinade:
                                                          Lime juice, fish sauce, thai chilies, soy, garlic, ginger, touch of sesame oil, squeeze of tomatoe paste, slosh of rice wine vinegar.

                                                          I used "bigger" crimini's ie the normal brown shrooms you get at the market just picked over for the bigger ones that won't fall thru the grill (I know I know I have to get one of those things to put on the grill)
                                                          I always take the stems off so there is a little "bowl" for the sauce to gather.
                                                          Usually marinade for 45 min in a ziploc bag in the fridge.

                                                      2. Grilled chicken legs,and thighs,tomato and onion salad with balsamic vinaigrette,steamed asparagus,baked potato,and a nice piece of lemon meringue pie!

                                                        1. After a full day of erands, house keeping, shopping, ironing, cooking etc. etc. it is meat loaf tonightt and mache with bleu cheese dressing. I have a Middle-Eastern dining group dinner tomorrow night. My job is the lamb kebabs with tomatoes and red onions with a rosemary sauce. Also made thoum to go along as a different sauce for the lamb. Sunday night our local convivium of Slow Foods is having a dinner featuring some of the top 7 chefs around Bloomington and Indy. 7 courses paired with 7 wines and such a bargain and lucky me someon(s) else are cooking. If you are seriously interested in well prepared food and eating seasonally and regionally as much as possible check into www.slowfoods.com It is a great international organization and deserves as much support from us who are really serious about food, cooking, and eating.

                                                            1. Everything sounds so good. I'm in the middle of a juice fast right now so any food will sound good, even Mc D's. My dinner will be carrot, parsley, dandelion, beet juice. Doing a juice fast every now and then makes me appreciate food so much when I return to eating solid foods.

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                                                                If I may ask, how long do you do the juice fast, please? Thanks...and I'm assuming you have one helluva juicer?

                                                                1. re: Val

                                                                  Val, I've incorporated fasting into my regime for a few years. So I know when my body is ready to break a fast. It can be anywhere from one day to more than seven days. In the summer, I can go longer than in the winter. If you're starting out, I would recommend a one day fast and build from that.

                                                                  And, yes, I do have a great juicer -- Omega masticating juicer in stainless steel (doesn't stain like the white plastic).

                                                              2. Grilled mini turkey sausage, bell pepper & eggplant & small new potatoes. Heaven! I think grilled eggplant is a new favorite - just cut in 4ths lengthwise, seasoned with salt & pepper 15 minutes before going on the grill & I ate half of the sticks cold & they were also delicious.

                                                                1. Oh I am such a slacker! I had a hectic few weeks that had me all over the country, and in the past few days, all over FL. Rather than cooking, the SO and I opted for an early dinner of gyros followed by spumoni at Nestor's, a sort of divey local greek and italian place.

                                                                  1. Tonight we're having more from Lucques -

                                                                    First of the Season Succotash (sp?) Salad
                                                                    Prawns with tomato confit, garlic and chile (except it's jumbo shrimp, not prawns)

                                                                    1. Grilled up some 2 pork tenderloins last night in additon to some yellow, red and orange bell peppers.So, tonight, we shredded the leftover pork, crisped it up in a skillet and made it into sandwiches with some of the leftover grilled peppers. Hubby also made some divine mac and cheese last night (orecchiete w/smoked gouda, emmethaler and parm) so we also rustled some of those leftovers up with a drizzle of truffle oil, a little bit of extra cheese and milk mixed in and re-heated in the oven. While they were all repeats of some form from the previous night's meal, we did manage to open a new bottle of the Bogle "Ghosts do Roam", their Chateneauf du Pape blend. It was a great accompaniment to the meal.

                                                                      1. This is so embarrassing. We had our favorite lazy twelve-minute chilly-night comfort supper: sausage & bean moosh.

                                                                        Take the pink out of 1/2 lb. Jimmy Dean "Hot" sausage, add to the skillet a chopped green pepper, a chopped med. onion, a goodly clove of minced garlic, cook til veggies are tender.

                                                                        Add a big can of partially drained Pork & Beans and ~1/4 to 1/3 C. Sweet Baby Ray's Hot & Spicy BBQ sauce.

                                                                        Simmer ~5 minutes, top generously with grated sharp cheddar or that 4-cheese Mex.blend. Serve with a big handful of finely shredded lettuce tossed w/some chopped tomato & scallions (or red onion) on the side. (Salad dressing optional but we sorta mix the salad with the beans & sausage and never bother with dressing.)

                                                                        Don't snicker til you've tried it.

                                                                        (Oh. Fresh strawberries and whipped cream for dessert several hours later.)

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                                                                          We had pita with grilled skewers of medium-rare lamb, onions, and bell peppers topped with yogurt sauce, along with tabbouleh and an orange, olive, and onion salad from Claudia Roden's new book. Tomorrow we will grill some chicken breasts marinated with the rest of the leftover plain yogurt and Moroccan spices (cinnamon, cloves, paprika, cumin, coriander, and cayenne), along with the aforementioned leftover salads. It was a nice, summery meal--I can't get enough cold salads in the summer.

                                                                        2. Spicy Bulgogi, rice, & ban chan

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                                                                          1. re: hannaone

                                                                            Looks pretty much like my sausage-bean moosh (grin).

                                                                            I'm googling right this minute for Bulgogi. I love that kind of dish.

                                                                          2. well I am one of the lucky few that took a quick 10 minute trip down to the docks to buy fresh caught king salmon from the local fisherman. Scrubbed gold potatoes, sliced with yellow bell pepper, red onions and a healthy dash of hot peprika and EVOO in a foil pack. Salmon marinates in Teriaki ( keep it simple)and then onto the grill it goes. I chop fresh rosemary out of the garden to sprinkle on the salmon when it is almost done. Steamed asapragus seasoned lavishly with melted butter and lemon pepper. Mmmmmm strawberries, blueberries with fresh mint and a dollop of whipped cream and I think I am done in for the night ;> Where's the hammock??

                                                                            1. I duplicated a dish my DH loved at a local restaurant last week. Heirloom Tomato Salad with Blue Cheese, Bacon, and Walnuts, drizzled with a lemon, mustard, fresh Basil vinaigrette.

                                                                              A light pasta dish , angel gair pasta in a simple Basil Tomato Sauce was the main dish, and Fresh Raspberries with Raspberry Sorbet and Coulis was the dessert.