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Oct 26, 2005 02:14 AM

Breakfast in Santa Rosa?

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Any places worthy of a chowhound recommendation in Santa Rosa for breakfast?

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  1. melanie tried a latino operated diner off 101 in cotati, i think, which looked good. tempting cfs, iirc.

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      1. Well, just South of Santa Rosa and off 101 in Windsor is Chubby's Diner. They specialize in HUGE breakfasts with the best chicken fried steak and sausage gravy. I'm hungry just thinking about Chubby's!

        Chubby's Diner
        tel. 707.838.0451
        8776 Lakewood Drive
        Windsor, CA 94592

        1. Louie's Fine Foods on W. Third and Wright/Fulton. Best biscuits and gravy, worth the health risk factors!!

          1. Have you tried Arrigoni's on fourth street. Great pancakes and & walnut bread french toast. Also a new small road side diner opened between Sebastopol and the turn off to Freestone on Bodega Highway called Two Crows. Small menu, largely family run. Very cute and food is good.

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