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Breakfast in Santa Rosa?

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Any places worthy of a chowhound recommendation in Santa Rosa for breakfast?

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  1. melanie tried a latino operated diner off 101 in cotati, i think, which looked good. tempting cfs, iirc.

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      1. Well, just South of Santa Rosa and off 101 in Windsor is Chubby's Diner. They specialize in HUGE breakfasts with the best chicken fried steak and sausage gravy. I'm hungry just thinking about Chubby's!

        Chubby's Diner
        tel. 707.838.0451
        8776 Lakewood Drive
        Windsor, CA 94592

        1. Louie's Fine Foods on W. Third and Wright/Fulton. Best biscuits and gravy, worth the health risk factors!!

          1. Have you tried Arrigoni's on fourth street. Great pancakes and & walnut bread french toast. Also a new small road side diner opened between Sebastopol and the turn off to Freestone on Bodega Highway called Two Crows. Small menu, largely family run. Very cute and food is good.

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            1. Yes, we returned the Saturday before Christmas and it was far less busy and as a result, service was much better. Tried new items and these were very good as well.

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              1. Run not walk to the Cafe Santa Trata- an Eritrean Cafe 711 Stony Point next to Pho Vietnam.

                Traditional Eritrean breakfast- phool (pronounced fool)- fava beans with tomato, onions and peppers for a savory difference.

                They also do eggs, have pastries and excellent coffee.

                Open at 7 am, 7 days a week.

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                  Now that sounds interesting, some how I musta missed the breakfast times in previous posts on Santa Trata.

                  Has anyone been to Parkside yet under Chef/Owner Mark Dierkhising? I was a fan when he was at Equus, just missed him at Bluewater. I mentioned it here -
                  but in case it was overlooked, here's the address.
                  Dierk's Parkside Cafe
                  404 Santa Rosa Ave.
                  Santa Rosa

                2. The Seafood Brasserie on 3rd street does an excellent breakfast. First time we walked in...we were hoping to chow down on some seafood....the maitre d' recommended we try the corned beef hash. Seemed a rather odd recommendation at a seafood joint. For breakfast we didn't see much of anything seafoody that particular day, so we settled for the CBH. OMG...it was great! We've been back many times since and usually go for the hash. It's always impressive when a chef manages to successfully elevate the mundane to haut cuisine. We've had some excellent dinners there as well...their dungeness caesar is the best I've had. They've got a creative and competent kitchen.

                  Seafood Brasserie
                  170 Railroad St
                  Santa Rosa, CA 95401
                  Phone: 707-636-7388

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                    Thanks for posting this. Friends had a bad lunch at Seafood Brasserie a couple years ago, so I'd not been in any rush to try it. Breakfast sounds like a good bet.

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                      We've only been going there for the past 2-3 years, so cannot speak for their earlier capability. It's been so good that we've taken a number of out-of-town relatives and clients there for special dinners or business lunches, and have never been let down.

                      The Seafood Brasserie serves up tradtional continental and American cuisine in pleasant surroundings, without going overboard as so many "Wine Country" places often do.

                  2. Omelette Express is also good eats.

                    Railroad Square
                    112 4th Street
                    Santa Rosa, CA