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Jun 2, 2007 02:35 PM

How are the banh mi at Paris Sandwich?

The place on Mott St a bit north of Canal. I was walking by and it looked interesting, but I was already full. Worth a trip?

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  1. I was very disappointed with their banh mi. Not authentic at all and they skimp on the meats and veggie fillings. Definitely one of the worst banh mi I've ever had.

    1. The bahn mi I tried there was definitely the worst bahn mi (or the worst sandwich, for that matter) I have ever had. Chewy bread and rubbery meat. I couldn't even finished it and threw more than half of it away.

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          well that's good b/c i stopped into paris sandwich today b/c i caught a glance of the bottles of snapple from outside. took one look and wasn't tempted at all. left w/ my bottle of snapple. glad i made the right decision.

        2. I have to take this opportunity to say that Paris Sandwhich Shop is an a-banh-mi-nation. Boring meat, , skimpy veggies, and a chewy, runty roll. They do however offer a (sickly sweet) grilled pork chop option, which I haven't seen anywhere south of Nicky's, although I'd love to hear about other sources that may be lurking off the Mott Street radar. Has anyone tried the green tea pancake/waffle thing that the Paris staff was hawking on that regrettable day I sampled their sandwiches?

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