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Jun 2, 2007 02:33 PM

Gelato at Dominion???

I noted some great looking gelato at the Dominion Store at York Mills and Bayview. It is set up like an ice cream shop with some really great flavours--particularly the pistaccio and vanilla looked very like the lovely stuff I ate in Florence. I did not have time to try it as I was on my way to dinner at a friends. I have gone into a few other Dominions, but they do not seem to have the gelato stand, so it may be an experiment. Has any one tried the gelato at York Mills and Bayview? Tomorrow, I will drive out and try some---that is if I feel well--I had an unfortunate allergic reaction to crab and/or lobster last night and did the whole anaphalactic shock thing at Sunnybrook. Yech, at least the two for one lobster at Wah Sing was a declicious one to be the last I eat in my life. Epipen anyone?

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  1. Dominion on Front also has gelato... but with Solferino down the street, I haven't even considered it (not that it looks bad).

    And sorry about the lobster. When I was still figuring out my bivalve allergy, I ate a scallop at 360 (top of the CN Tower). Long way down. Not good.

    1. they also have it at the Dominion on the Danforth

      1. Most of the Dominion "A" stores have gelato or will be getting it. While it looks gorgeous, several flavours I tried tasted very synthetic. I've never been tempted again. YMMV.

        1. I have tried the gelato at that Dominion.

          It's not the stuff you ate in Florence. But, it's not bad, which was surprising to me. The chocolate is tasty, kind of like a gelatoed fudgesicle. The hazelnut is their best flavour, in my opinion; it might even be able to pass in Italy.

          Sorry about the anaphalactic thing. You never had a problem eating shellfish before?

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            the Dominion at Don Mills and Lawrence has carried it for over a year.
            I am not a gelato expert, but I quite like the lemon.

            1. re: Fwagra

              We had the gelato at the Liberty Village Dominion last summer. We tried mango, chocolate and hazelut. The mango was too sweet but tasted real. The chocolate and hazelnut lacked the intense flavour I grew to love while travelling Italy. It is also not nearly as good as Hollywood or Solfrino.

            2. The mango one is amazing! It is so good. Not sure about the others.