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Jun 2, 2007 02:30 PM

Which one? Las Culebrinas, Havana Harry or Little Havana

We'll be in South Beach in July for six nights and we want to try one of these restaurants. I've read the various posts about them and now I'm confused. Would love to have your opinions. Thanks AmyR

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  1. Went to Las Culebrinas sometime ago while in Miami and loved it - everything was fresh and flavorful, and service was ace as well. This was on the advice of a local who happened to be a relative of a friend we dined with. Both dinner and tapas were exceptional, and the sangria was great too. Oh yeah, the price was reasonable too.

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      I've heard that the food is great. Someone also told me that they have music in the evenings. Is this true. Thanks, AmyR