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Jun 2, 2007 02:23 PM

Where in Astoria (near a subway stop) can I find a good frape?

I'm talking about those Greek frozen coffee things which are made from instant coffee, milk and ice in a blender. Somewhere close to the subway would be ideal.

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  1. Athens Cafe is right off the 30th ave N. A few more blocks down will bring you to Avenue. I am not a frape connoisseur so all I can really tell you is that both places served frapes that were decent.

    1. A very decent frape can be had at OMONIA CAFE -- the N train to the Broadway stop .
      32-20 Broadway (btw. 32nd and 33rd St.) FYI, under the elevated train is 31st street.

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      1. re: Cheese Boy

        OK... So now I'm curious...:-}
        Are you guys referring to something like old fashioned ice cream parlor frappes?

        1. re: Tay

          No. Usually instant coffee, shaken to a froth, iced, usually with a splash of milk, sugar on request.

          I'll second the rec for the Athens Cafe. Their food's nothing amazing, typical good-not-great pastries and a satisfactory lountza and halloumi sandwich, but a great place to sit outside, enjoy a beverage and watch the world go by this time of year.

          Omonia's more or less comparable, but it's in the midst of renovations. It's open, as long as you don't mind sitting next to plastic tarps or navigating a construction site to get to a bathroom. Unless you're a local, I'd wait a couple of months.

          Restaurants usually don't have great frappes; you generally want to eat at one place, get your coffee drinks at another. Ovelia is an exception.

      2. Here's a pic of what a frape might look like:

        It's a very refreshing beverage especially during the upcoming summer months. If one uses a quality instant coffee, a frape beats a Dunkin Donuts (or Starbucks) iced coffee any day.

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        1. re: Cheese Boy

          I thought you could only use Nescafe imported from Greece--it's something about the fine particles and the way they foam up when shaken. This is of course a topic for Wikipedia (the article is under "Greek Frappe Coffee").

          My favorite frappe (not sure if the atmosphere contributes to it) is at Cafe Bar on 34th Avenue. But I'll bet that any of the 30th Avenue Cafes do a good job. I only wish I could say the same thing about the espresso along the avenue, which is (and this is an Astoria-wide issue for me) typically awful.

          1. re: PAL

            Here's a helpful hint--if you order your deli coffee "dark with skim milk", that means that you'll get a little bit of milk in your brew. But if you order a Greek frappe this way, as I did yesterday, you may get an extra strong coffee made with extra coffee powder. I was bouncing off the walls all day, people must have thought I was on something :-)

        2. btw, do these places (Athens Cafe, Omonia, Avenue etc) offer the frapes for take out?

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          1. re: lucybobo

            Typically the bakeries offer take out as well as slurp in.

            I sometimes like the frappes at Lefkos Pirgos, near the Ditmars stop on the N. (the corner of 31st St. with 23rd Ave.) You have to tell them not to make it too sweet, then they're pretty good.

            I think the little takeout bakery place on 23rd Ave, if you cross over 31st going W from Lefkos Pirgos may serve them as well. Don't remember its name, but the spinach & meat pies in the window always look intriguing.