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Jun 2, 2007 01:56 PM

Best Place for Fresh Fish in Pinellas Co. or Tampa?

My husband and I have two very rare nights off together tomorrow and Monday! Sunday--we are doing up real Shrimp n Grits, but Monday we wanna cook up a good "Florida" fish. Anyone have suggestions for such a fish, best place for fresh fish (preferably in St. Pete or no further north than Clearwater) and even maybe a prep idea? We have no grill access at this time, so inside recipes only.

Thanks for all of your help with my weird queries over the last few weeks! It has been hard being new sometimes.

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  1. Ward's Seafood Market in Clearwater. They have great sandwiches too!

    Also, Mid Peninsula is normally recommended but I have not been there.

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      We had a GREAT dinner at Mid Peninsula one night. I have to mention this because it is so memorable. It was packed with neighborhood folks and the kitchen etc were just slammed. Everything that could go wrong for them was but NEVER have I seen such calm under pressure. The man who was obviously managing had the best smile; that smile and his totally gracious Southern demeanor made the painfully long wait and missed order items all OK. When the dinner of blackened grouper (husband) and fried oysters (me) was laid out, well, all was forgotten . It was an incredible; one of those meals where you are so enveloped in the deliciousness that you don't speak to your dining partner for a good 3-4 minutes cos your are amazed at the good food. It wasn't the best down home seafood place we've ever been too, but it was close. There is something about it, that is for sure. And their seafood spread, though spendier, beats Ted Peters' (though I LOVE Ted Peters)!!!!