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Jun 2, 2007 01:47 PM

Great chocolate bars?

Father's Day is coming up and my Dad is so hard to shop for so I usually get him some chocolate. Rather than going back to Godiva I was hoping to get something different, yet something easy to ship so it has to be sturdy, like a chocolate bar. (My dad lives in WA)Any shops in the West Los Angeles area that has great chocolate offerings? Thanks!

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  1. Both Surfas and the Market Gourmet in Venice have good selections of chocolate bars. Chocolat on Main St in SM has a great selection of Neuhaus chocs.

      1. In Beverly Hills there is a choclatier called Kron. They used to be in NY and I was so excited to find them here. Their specialty are coco dusted truffles. They are expensive but sooo good. I HIGHLY recomend them.

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          Kron has been in Beverly Hills sinece the 1970's. T

        2. Wally's Wines in Westwood has a very nice selection of gourmet/imported chocolate bars. Mel & Rose on Melrose (I believe that is West LA) also has quite an extensive collection.

          1. What I would like is See’s Awesome Nut & Chew Bars. Chewy nougat, almonds, one or two drops of honey all covered in dark chocolate.That could be the private stuff just for him. These come in a box of 8 for around $7.50. Add a pound of See’s California Brittle so he can show-off what he got.


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              See's Victorian Toffee ain't half-bad either... but you're right - that nougat with dark chocolate hits the spot... I wonder though - do they have See's in Washington?

              Another spot for great chocolate that's kinda out of the way in La Canada, is the Chocolate Box Cafe. We stumbled upon this place while driving to Descanso Gardens. Lots of great chocolates, genaches, truffles, and bars. The packaging is first rate so sending these as a gift would be suitable for your purposes...


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                I agree re. See's Awesome Nut & Chew Bars. I've had both kinds-- the ones in the red box (long and thin) and the ones in the purple box (flat and wide). They are all good.

                Just as a note, the ones in the purple box are called "Awesome Walnut Squares." They have walnuts in them instead of almonds.