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Jun 2, 2007 01:37 PM

Menu at Ditch Plains angers me!

We went to Ditch Plains last night, basically because we couldn't get in at Pearl Oyster Bar! We had a perfectly nice meal, but I gotta say, there's some things about their menu that really piss me off. I had a perfectly nice piece of Artic Char, but here's how the menu listed the dish:

Grilled Fish of the Day w/ mixed greens and lemon.

Well, I should hope it comes with lemon, it's a piece of fish. What they're doing is trying to make it sound like it comes with two of which is...lemon? I don't mean something like lemon confit or lemon aioli. It was a wedge of lemon, like what's floating in every glass of iced tea in town. I just find this insulting and a little manipulative.

Thing is, the char was great, so were the mixed greens. I really liked what I ate, but if you're not gonna serve a starch with the meal, just say it comes with mixed greens, i'm fine with that. But I felt insulted that they would try to pawn off lemon as a side, or suggest that you're getting something with the fish other than a standard garnish. It would be liked saying "Top Sirloin served with a potatoes and a sprig of parsley."

I would overlook this if it was the only manipulative thing about their menu. But their alleged $7 omelette is also a freegin' joke. You know what their omelette is? Eggs. That's all. If you want anything in it, things that actually make it an omellette in my world, it's 2 or 3 bucks per item. So, if I want ham, cheese, and tomato (for example), it's actually a $14 omelette. Again...just lame. Please don't insult me like that.

Okay that's my rant. Sorry. All I know is they have lost my business for good!

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  1. I went this past weekend and I don't think I'll be back soon either, but for different reasons than you. Food was just not that good. I had roasted oysters, 6 oysters literally each the size of a dime. I couldn't discern any taste b/c there was no meat. Also had creamed corn, which was more like corn chowder. Boyfriend had fries and fried clam strips, which were very good on a past visit. This time, fries were overcooked and clam strips were over-battered and low on meat. Plus, they brought out all the other food first and then clam strips 5 mins later--why? My favorite parts of the meal were the cheap wine and complimentary taffy w/the check.

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    1. re: Lucia

      i went on thursday for lunch; the bill was 42.27. we gave 60, and asked for 10 dollars back ("1 five and 5 ones"). our waitress gave them to us, then came back a few minutes later and said she needed 2 dollars back. confused, we gave her the 2 dollars.

      then we counted our change back and realized she was in the wrong and notified her. she said, "the bill was 42..." and i responded, "and we asked for 10 back." she proceeded to think it over, then gave us 2 singles back with a dirty look. whatever.

      1. re: cervisiam

        Rereading this now, I can see why she was confused - you asked for the singles. To her, that means "I need change so I can tip you."

    2. I have to say, when I ate here, and it was only once, the food was solidly good and the service was friendly and attentive. I did notice the "omelette" and was a little surpirsed at how expensive anything worth ordering would be.

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      1. re: elizabeththinks

        The food and service was fine. Again, it was the insulting menu claims that piss me off. I won't be dining there again.

        1. re: billyeats

          I think that's a bit of an overreaction. I don't think they're trying to pull a fast one on you and scam you into getting the dish because they think you'll want it if it has 2 sides. They're just letting you know how they plate the dish. Also, a classical omlette is just eggs. I agree that the fillings are a little pricey, but I don't think that warrants the venomous comments on your behalf. I was there today for lunch and had a great meal for not that much money with good service. No complaints.