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Jun 2, 2007 12:35 PM

Pre-movie Dinner near the Grove

So the kids are taking the dads to dinner tonite, before a Grove movie. We will not be eating there, following advice from research here. If lunch, they'd be ok with the FM recs we found, but tonite looking for a 'sit-down' restaurant. Alas, one in the party is not adventurous enough to try the Ethiopian places on Fairfax. What else? I don't get there much, The early Yi was the last place I recommended that they all liked. Thanks.

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  1. if the kids are not too young, try angelini osteria

    1. Casual -- maybe Doughboys on Third. A very short drive from the Grove. Pretty much something for everyone on the menu, and some of it very good, though reviews on the Board here tend to be mixed. For Bistro type fare, Pastis is nearby too. If it is a minor splurge, Pane y Vino on Beverly (another short drive) has terrific steak as well as the usual Italian specialties. (The steak is one of the better deals around town, not cheap, but nowhere near as pricey as some of the top places, and very close to them in quality.)

      1. For the future, it's not fancy but Andre's is great for kids. It's across the street near the Whole Foods. Good plain Italian food, pizza, salads. Everybody can see and pick what they want since it's cafeteria style. And they have a gelato bar now too. Been bringing our kid since she was a baby and I've been going since almost a baby myself.

        1. BLD is just around the corner from The Grove. I think the menu is such that even a picky eater can find something they will enjoy. Otherwise, I think with kids present, the Farmer's Market (attached to The Grove) is a sure thing. There's something for everyone.

          1. I'm actually okay with Morel's in the Grove itself.

            If you liked Yi, maybe you'll also like Celadon.