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Jun 2, 2007 12:15 PM

Recs for next Saturday in West Village or Soho

Augusta Chow and wife are coming to Perry street for two weeks. Having reunion dinner next Saturday with old college friends. Looking for a place with great food and atmosphere that we can walk to or take short cab ride. Most of the obvious suspects are of course already booked solid. Help! For this dinner, american, new american, bistro would all be great. Thanks.

Augusta Chow

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  1. Is Balthazar already booked up? If not, that is my suggestion...

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      two blocks south of soho in tribeca try Circle Rouge. other choice Pastis (same owners as Balthazar) ...

    2. Perry St., Wallse, Little Owl, August, Perilla

      1. Yeah, I'll second Perilla. If you can get a res. and it's in your price range, it is a treat. We just went tonight and it was one of the most creative and flavorful meals I've had in quite some time.

        1. AOC Bedford. Check the menu at menupages.