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Jun 2, 2007 12:02 PM

If not Lugers, then what???

Been underwhelmed the last couple of times I've been to Peter Lugers so I'm looking for what you think is the best steakhouse around these days. Help me out.

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  1. If you like the Lugers type steak try Wolfgangs in Manhattan. It's a former Maitre D from Lugers. I actually think it's better and they take credit cards.

    I also like Bobby Vans in Manhattan. Very underrated.

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    1. re: DAFoodSnob

      One of our favorites! Unbeatable service!

      1. re: DAFoodSnob

        wolfgangs downtown you could go casually dressed also. The steak is great and offer more than Luger's. Blair Perrone is also good in a nice atmosphere. I was suprised so many knew about Keene's i thought it was my secret spot,,,The pipe collection is amazing , includes babe ruth, sitting bull and teddy roosevelt,,, the mutton chops are the way to go at Keene's ,amazing.

      2. Have you tried Keen's? I've always liked it better than Lugers.

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          Keens would be my pick as well. In addition to delicious food, there's that unmatchable old NY ambiance.

        2. The steak at Keens is mediocre at best. There is only one dish to order: THE MUTTON CHOP.

          Wolfgang’s is great. Order German potatoes with your T-bone. And kick-off with the very decadent thick bacon appetizer.

          1. You may be getting Lugar's burnout. Happened to me a few years ago. Don't disagree with Wolfgangs as an alternative, but it's not better than Lugar's. But a restaurant experience is more than just the food, and the routine and vibe can get tiresome so I would take a 1-2 year break from Lugar's- you'll be back though.