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Jun 2, 2007 11:53 AM

Betty--new on the Hill

Last night was the second time we've eaten at Betty---Crow's sister restaurant on the hill--

The first time was great--great service--good food--good expensive wine---
we had ( of course) the steak frites---a bit salty---the bread stale, the pate blah, but all in all a good experience

We went back last night---same food, altho we asked and got no salt on the frites and had a martini plus the wine ( which should have put me in a good mood)

BUT--the service was awful--the restaurant was relatively empty since we went early--6 on a Friday---but we had to waaaait for our drinks, the waitress just popped the bottle of wine on the table and took off--the steaks came on a cold plate---were really undercooked--like raw and had to be sent back--no waitress, I had to contact the hostess to find her--

I won't be going back soon---it seems there is noone watching the store--

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  1. They just opened this month. It's hardly been three weeks. I'd give them some time to get up on their feet and try back.

    I'm planning on checking it out late this month. Because I like everything about Crow except for their humongous goblets and getting turned away at the door.

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    1. re: sophie.

      We will but as I said--this is the second time we went--the first time (last week) was great---this time it seemed that there was no direction--cold plates, undercooked food, no wait staff--maybe since since they are trying to get on their feet they should give us a discount ( Ha!)

      We will go back, but we will wait a while as you suggest

    2. I've also been twice, but luckily have had a good experience both times. Although I will agree that the service still seems a bit amateur... I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt, though, as it is the first month. The first time we went was very late on a weeknight and the place was about 2/3 empty; the service was clearly new, but fine. The second time was a much busier evening and the staff seemed a bit overwhelmed. But nothing else worth complaining about, so I have faith they'll work it out and be Crow 2.0 in no time.

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        My experience closely resembles sammick's. The first time we went the place was full and the food (mostly) and the service was great. The second time we went, there was a smattering of people and one would think that would mean more attention to detail for us but it was definitely not the case. The service was absent-minded. While the drinks were great, the food was just okay, nothing memorable. Also, the menu selections are somewhat lacking with very few entree choices. They are just about to start their 2nd month in business so we'll go back soon for one last try and I'll post a detailed review after that visit. I asked about the rumored deck they were building but apparently it's "not going to happen".