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Duck Fat

I had been getting duck fat pretty easily from Whole Foods--1lb containers for ~$4--Grimaud Farms. Unfortunately, they are no longer carrying it. I tried Bryan's and they don't carry it either. Do you have any ideas? I kind of need it this weekend because I'm making pate, so mail-order is not useful for this time. I'd prefer not to go to Boulette's larder, either; $8/cup is highway robbery.

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  1. I've had trouble finding it too. Don't bother with Falletti's or Andronico's either. Why did Whole Foods quit carrying it? All I can think of is getting a duck and rendering it. Good luck to you.

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        Re. Whole Foods - you can provide feedback to their store 'buyer', I did this for another product and they started restocking it a week later.

    1. You might try Mission Market at 21rst (?) and Mission. I know they carry it but I'm not sure what size container. It's also frozen, but that shouldn't be a problem.

      1. I used to buy it at Magnani's (about $5/pint) or Ver Brugge's in Berkeley, although if you have time, I now just render it myself from whole duck and reuse it as it makes your dollar go alot further.

        1. The Milk Pail Market in Mountain View has duck fat. It's from Fabrique Delices. I don't remember the price, but I think it was around $4 a cup.

          1. Find a 99 Ranch market...they have frozen duck all the time, and some fresh duck parts. Doubt if they have just the fat. For pate, you can use chicken fat (schmaltz).

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              Finding schmaltz has proved difficult as well--the duck fat was originally a stand-in for that.

            2. Try to render a goose. Much more fat and a new taste treat.

              1. Did you try Bryan's butcher shop or the Bryan's supermarket next door? I was just at the market yesterday and saw Grimaud's rendered duck fat there.

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                  Gaaah--where?! I checked there this morning. The butcher shop said they didn't have it, and so I went next door to the supermarket and looked and couldn't find it. Where was it?

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                    That is so weird. I am pretty sure it was in the area where the cheeses are, near the case that has all of the frozen housemade stocks.

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                      Thanks--I'll go back and check tomorrow. I had just enough for this batch of pate but will need some more. It really adds something to all sorts of items. One of my new faves--saute the onions and celery for chowder in it. Subbed this for bacon grease recently and it was much more subtle.

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                        Reviving this to say I just bought 2 lbs. of duck fat from Bryan's. The grocery has it in the frozen section by the deli. I will not say how much I paid because it is damned embarrassing and I'm going to look for other sources.

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                    Thanks--this will help for next time. Unfortunately I was in a time crunch this weekend.

                  2. I bought some recently at Molly Stone's Tower Market (Twin Peaks) - its in front of the deli counter, not the meat counter, as one might expect it to be. I'm pretty sure it was more than $4/lb, though, but neither was it $8/cup.

                    1. I made a couple of inquiries this weekend by phone, also. Golden Gate Meat Company (Ferry Building)--$8.49/lb. Leonard's--$8.29/7oz (see highway robbery, above). I called Mission Market Meats, too, and they didn't understand. I think I'll have to swing by to check. Thanks for all of your suggestions! I was able to get the pate made with what I had but it took all of it, so a restock is in order.

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                        If you are really into duck and don't want to get ripped off, call Sonoma Poultry in Petaluma and arrange to pick up a batch of whole ducks. $2.20 lb, whole. About 5-6 lb. Free range, no hormones, etc. With 3 ducks, you can get 6 breasts, 6 legs and 6 wings. Render the fat from the carcasses, confit the legs and wings, You know what to do with the breasts. You will probably get about 4-5 lbs of fat from the carcasses. The whole enchillada will cost you about $35-40, or what you would pay for 3 lb of fat at Golden Gate Meat. Logistics are a bit difficult. You have to pick them up in Petaluma nears Lombardi's BBQ. Only available by appointment. You can get fat (unrendered) in 5 lb bags...$1.80 lb. If you want to get an idea what I'm talking about, call an upscale market (Whole Foods, Andronicos, etc. and price duck breasts.

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                          It's actually the Mission Market Poultry & Fish counter that has the duck fat (and, btw, a great assortment of fish and poultry, fresh and reasonable). They would certainly understand the question.

                        2. Just bought some at Magnanis in Berkeley (Monterey Ave). I think it's $8.99 per lb. and a bit more than a cup container ran me $4.99.