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Jun 2, 2007 10:59 AM

Mr. Martino's Trattoria

Mr. Martino's had always been a favorite of mine but I hadn't been for a few years until last weekend. The menu is now expanded greatly from what I recall. It's still the same romantic little place, with an atmosphere that reminds me of similar spots in Italy. Same friendly service, same owner, beautiful Italian music. I had an old favorite: polenta with sausage. It was wonderful. My campanion had spinach lasagna. We shared the two dishes. The lasagna was very good, perhaps not as good as the lasagna. Anyway, thought I'd post this since I haven't read anything recently about Mr. Martino's and it's such a sweet place. BTW, convenient parking is available in the municipal lot next to it.

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    1. re: mschow

      On Passyunk Ave. in South Philadelphia, near Morris. .

    2. I must have gone on an off night. My boyfriend and I went about a year ago. The decor was great and it had an great vibe and we were more than ready to make it our new favorite place. That is, until the food arrived. I got a pasta dish with calamari and broccoli rabe and it was inedible. I rarely send food back, but I had to. The calamari was horrifying--mealy and off-tasting. I ran it by my boyfriend who used to cook in restaurants thinking maybe he had some kind of extra calamari knowledge that I didn't and he agreed it tasted rancid. I told our waitress who then proceeded to inform me that I must never have eaten calamari before I clearly didn't understand the subtleties. Grrr...