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Jun 2, 2007 10:58 AM

Question about LANDMARC (Tribeca)

Hi Landmarc Fans:

Is it true that seating for 2 people at Landmarc is really uncomfortable?

I had read that the 2-tops are very close together.

Trying to plan a comfortable meal with a friend.

Thanks for your input!

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  1. I don't find their 2-tops to be any closer than anywhere else at that price point, though the ground level 2-tops are pretty tight. You should have a little more wriggle room upstairs, and in my experience it tends to be quieter. The tables are a little small - nothing like Kefi's postage stamp-sized 2-tops though - but again that's pretty much standard with Manhattan real estate...

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    1. re: snaporaz

      Thank you, Snap. I will try to get an upstairs table.

    2. Don't know if I'd say "really uncomfortable" though during very busy times it can get a bit loud and crowded... usually it's worth it.

      Best thing to do would be to go during non-peak hours... they serve straight through from lunch to dinner. Also, in non-peak you might be able to get a bigger table to yourself.

      Good luck & Enjoy!

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      1. if its warm out there are 2-tops on the balcony upstairs that are awesome.

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        1. re: scanditrash

          Thanks, Scandi. Do they have those heat lamps working out on the balcony? (That makes a big difference.)