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Jun 2, 2007 10:46 AM

Lisbon Dining Suggestions

We are going to Lisbon next month and would appreciate some good dining suggestions. We are there for 4 nights - would like one night in an upscale place, at least one night in a place with a view(as well as great food!!), and the opportunity to taste authentic Portugese food. We are open to any suggestions - thanks for any and all suggestions.

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  1. Despite the fact that we did a good deal of prior research (on CH and elsewhere), we had a lot more "misses" than "hits" on our first trip to Lisbon in February. Be forewarned that the city has a rampant love affair with custard pastries: pretty much every dessert there is a custard-based dessert. Our favorites were from Confeitaria Nacional on the Praca da Figueira but, as I like to say, any custard dessert is a good custard dessert.

    We had a disappointing dinner at the much-hyped Pap Acorda (Rua da Atalaia) where the only standout element was the absolutely decadent chocolate pudding. They bring a huge metal mixing bowl of it to the table and serve forth a giant spoonful.

    We also enjoyed our meal at the Goan restaurant right at the entrance to the Castelo Sao Jorge. I'd never had Goan food before but it was very interesting to try to see how a Portuguese influence interacts with Indian food.

    I hope you get some more positive replies to your question, since we will be returning to the city this summer.

    1. We had wonderful food/dining experiences in Lisbon and all of Portugal. But, moreso than usual you have to be careful to avoid the touristy places as they are especially awlful. XL in Lapa is small, welcoming setting with very good Portuguese food.

      In the Lisbon area I spent most of my time in Estoril and Cascals area so I don't remember any other restaurants by name. there are some nice restaurants there from upscale to casual that come with wonderful ocean views.

      Another suggestions. If you like a little spice find a good restaurant that specializes in piri piri chicken (I think it they are everywhere). Served with fries, it's like their version of fast food, but the pepper sauce is addictive.