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Jun 2, 2007 09:08 AM

One great LA dinner

Our young friends girfriend is coming to visit him in LA. We want to take them out to one great LA dining experience. I already know that he will be taking her to moderate-priced great ethnic restaurants, quintessential LA places like Roscoe's, and taquerias. But we - his older and better heeled friends - want to give them One Great LA dining experience.

What are your suggestions? She's not a "foodie" exactly, so while the food is important to us, it's more about the experience. She's never been to LA before. We live on the West side, but location isn't an issue. I'm thinking either wonderful views, fantastic setting, famous old or new celebrity glamour, and great service. Current suggestions - the Huntley, Geoffrey's, Patina at Disney Hall, Water Grill. Any comments on these, or any other ideas? What's new and interesting that isn't on my radar screen?

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  1. Abode in Santa Monica

    Addendum: Link to a previous thread with two reviews

    1. i reccommend red pearl kitchen on melrose/labrea. just took a group there -- and it was a hit. pan asian, funky dishes, brothel-red decor and entertaining waiters.

      1. I don't think your young friends would be wowed by Geoffrey's, Patina or Water Grill. I think those places are lovely, but the vibe is not young, hip or lively. Of your four suggestions, I think they would like the Penthouse at the Huntley the most. Other suggestions: R23, Mastros. That's all I can think of now.

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          R23 absolutley! yamashiro has a great view- maybe not so young or hip? AOC is muy la and delish or one of the newer places downtown- i went to - oh shoot- something with blue in it's name? just west of downtown in the lobby of what was once a holiday inn-- good, young bar scene food was so-so, tho

        2. Chateau Marmont could be a good choice -- for history, crowd and lovely private ambiance -- but despite celeb clientel this is a relatively mellow scene. Little Door or Buffalo Club two other solid choices -- solid if not super-foodie food, both with lovely outdoor patios -- Buffalo Club also often has live music which spices things up a bit. Cobras and Matadors or Jar could also fit the bill for more vibrant scene (think Jar's been featured on Entourage before).

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            I'll check out Chateau Marmont.

            I love the look of Buffalo Club when I drive past on Olympic, but what I've read here and in other reviews it's kind of snooty and the food's not great.

            Cobras & Matadors sounds good - I've wanted to go there myself.


            1. re: gsw

              I love the Chateau -- my favorite is to eat in the lobby at one of the sofas or outside on the patio. Not a foodie destination but a unique, classic LA atmosphere.

              Re. Buffalo Club -- have always found the service pretty friendly, but do agree that the food is nothing exceptional.

            2. re: bite bite

              Check out Bar Marmont down below on the North side of Sunset, probably more appealing to the young.

            3. Citizen Smith or Social Hollywood would be good for new hollywood glam and younger sceney feel.

              Musso & Frank's is old Hollywood feel. The Palm is another one in that vein or Dan Tana's.

              Mozza might be another interesting option.

              In terms of views, The Lobster is great at sunset time, and I prefer their food to Geoffrey's.

              Maybe Dakota as well.