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Jun 2, 2007 08:58 AM

Bullfrog BBQ Sauce?

I used to live in Chicago, in fact it was around 1992, and remember a product called Bullfrog BBQ Sauce that was available in grocery stores. Unfortunately, I don't remeber whether "Bullfrog" was the brand or the name of that partcular sauce. It was sweet, but made with jalepenos...

Anyone know if it still exists?

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  1. AHH finally got through.I helped name and develop Bullfrog!! I live in Aurora Ill.Were still makin it and I can get you all you want! Drop me a line, good luck to you! Max.

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    1. re: westhigh

      Wonderful, delicious sauce. What grocery stores in the Fox Valley carry it?
      I haven't seen it at Jewel in a very long time.

      1. re: mothraah

        Prisco's on Prarie St. west side of Aurora! or if you want it by the case I can get it for you also.Good luck!

        1. re: westhigh

          Well, now I'm curious! I love a good BBQ sauce. Any places in Naperville I can purchase a bottle?

      2. re: westhigh

        I also lived in the area around the same time, can you e-mail me an address or a phone number where I can purchase this sauce? My brother & I were at a BBQ cookoff and this was very good. Thanx in advance/JM

        1. re: westhigh

          bullfrog is in my opinion the BEST bbq sauce ever made-sweet,tangy.chunky.mmm-mmm..............

          1. re: westhigh

            Heelo, westhigh!!!!!! I moved from St. Charles to the river north area of Chicago a few years ago and they don't know what good barbecue sauce is all about. Bullfrog on ribs, steaks, pork chops, burgers, just about everything! Let me know how to buy a case! Thanks, Michael

            1. re: wmw001001

              Did you ever find out how to get a case

            2. re: westhigh

              Please let me know where we could but some Bull Frog
              Thank you,

            3. i wont eat any other bbq sauce!!! they sold it at a store in iowa where my husband worked and then we moved to florida one year ago...and i cant find it anywhere down here! i know we can order it through kehe foods, and my husbands former boss is suppose to ship some to us. i have gone without bbq sauce for one whole year...uuuugggghhhhhh!

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              1. re: jeanniek

                I can relate, as I used to buy bbq sauce by the case from Santa Fe Grill in River North on Chicago and Dearborn until it closed a couple of years back. The que was mediocre but the sauce was out of this world!!

                You would be impressed with Smoke Daddy's regular bbq sauce. They have a restaurant on Division in Chicago. order it online;


                You won't regret it!

              2. I saw Bullfrog sitting on the shelf at Michael's Fresh Market in Naperville and remembered this thread.

                It is, indeed, a mighty fine BBQ sauce. Two thumbs up from the mister and me.

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                1. re: MisaOutandAbout

                  Cmon sombody has to know where to buy a case PLEEEEEEEEEZ

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