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Jun 2, 2007 08:47 AM

Help me cook 'Hungarian style' bacon !

My family is Hungarian, and on one trip there I had some incredible bacon I want to make at home - but don't know how.

This bacon was cut thick (maybe 1/3-inch or 1cm), and then scored in cubes - but not cut through. The bacon seemed to be pan-seared, but also had a garlicky flavour. The scoring made the bacon curl around 'backwards' so the scored cubes kind of flared out.

So what cut of meat should I ask for, from a butcher?
How should I cook the meat, for best results?
And is there a name for this dish (which is probably pan-Eastern-European)?

Thanks for helping me fill my fat & flavour quotas!!

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  1. Found the answer to my own question:

    I highly recommend you give it a try!!

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