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Jun 2, 2007 08:10 AM

East Bay - Great Sunday Brunch Suggestions?

Hi There!
I'm looking for a place with a great brunch menu. Looking specifically in Oakland, Berkeley, Albany... Places that serves poached eggs are a bonus. Any suggestions? Price is not a problem, but great food at reasonable prices are always a plus.

Thanks all in advance!

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  1. Kennsingon Bistro in Kennsington on Colma off Solano.

    Sea Salt ... great trout has with egss as you like them. Outstanding Bloody Mary but expensive ... make sure to get it with the Hangar One chipotle vodka.

    T-Rex ... those beinets are killer though expensive

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    1. re: rworange

      Loving beignets and so longing to go, I was still impressed and put off by the prices. God, the bar has been raised on brunch in the East Bay! Smoked salmon and goat cheese omelet with a side of potatoes for $13? And I thought $9 for this was a lot!

      Of course, Eccolo doesn't even give you the smoked salmon for $14...

      1. re: lintygmom

        Yeah, it's those prices that keep me from being a brunch regular at T-Rex. Sea Salt you can kind of dance around the prices ... just don't order the bloody Mary. That's why the T-Rex happy hour thrills me ... one of the few bargains there.

        1. re: rworange

          Any chance of beignets at happy hour?

    2. Eccolo has a phenomenal brunch, great versions of poached eggs. I love the Benedict and the Hash.

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      1. re: Morton the Mousse

        A good brunch spot is La Note in Berkeley on Shattuck Avenue between Durant and Channing ( My favorite items are the toasted cinnamon brioche with lavender honey and lemon gingerbread pancakes with poached pears, but their egg dishes are pretty good too. I don't know if they have poached eggs, but they will do two eggs any style.

        Fellini on University Avenue ( is a nice place for brunch too, and they have a lot of egg dishes as well as vegetarian/vegan items. Actually, I like their vegan french toasts better than their regular ones. And if coffee is your thing, they have a quaint organic coffee bar just outside the restaurant.

        Not exactly places with an extensive brunch menu, but here are some cafes that serve poached eggs:
        - Yali's Cafe ( on Oxford Street between Berkeley Way and Hearst Avenue - a pretty cozy cafe with wi-fi; they have great coffee and decent breakfast items
        - Guerilla Cafe ( in North Berkeley on Shattuck between Cedar and Lincoln - a lot of items on their menu feature organic poached eggs with toast; they serve Blue Bottle coffee (I like the spicey guerilla mocha for the kick!) and awesome waffles as well
        - Cole Coffee ( in Rockridge on College and 63rd Street, opposite Safeway and Yasai Market - coffee is what they are best at and they have a limited breakfast menu, but they do poached eggs and toast quite well. Besides, you're just a few steps away from those morning pastries from La Farine.

        Here's a recent thread that you may be interested in. It seems that a lot of people love the poached eggs and eggs Benedict from Eccolo:

        Happy brunching! ;)

        1. re: dreamsicle

          I second the vote for La Note. Charming as hell and classic French Provencal dishes.

      2. I don't understand people's passion for La Note. It's easily the most overrated breakfast/brunch place in Berkeley, there's always a line, and there's a better place just down the street (Venus) that's never as busy. I think the Cute Frenchiness makes people think that it's better than it actually is.

        For my money, probably the single best brunch in the East Bay is at Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe, in Emeryville, on Hollis near 40th. They have my favorite hollandaise sauce, and thus make excellent bennies.

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        1. re: peterme

          Also in La Note's disfavor: like too many other breakfast joints they think they can get away with serving crap coffee. Maybe they think that by serving it in GIANT CUPS "just like they do in France" that no one will notice? I ate there about three weeks ago and the waitress was angry and my pancakes were raw in the middle. I decided it was best not to trouble her with the undercookedness of my breakfast, and just never go there again.

          Rudy's: Great coffee and the extra 2 miles south means it's often sit outside weather when further north is still socked in.

        2. Had brunch at Somerset today (Rockridge). Everyone seemed happy with their food. I had the grilled ham and cheese sandwich, so I don't know about the eggs, but they looked good. Poached eggs are available, as are biscuits (yay!!!). My sandwich was delicious--thin house-made sourdough, fontina, black forest ham, dijon mustard--simplicity itself, and well-executed. The fries were good with the addition of the black pepper aioli. They have good mimosas, too (choice of juices--pomegranate, orange, blood orange, peach, something else)--and they're huge. The one downer was that the service was a little ditzy and inattentive.

          1. Sunnyside on Solano Avenue in Albany serves a great brunch menu all week long. The prices are fairly reasonable and the service is great.