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Jun 2, 2007 07:00 AM

Is there anywhere for something good to eat in Belmar?

Aside from Brandl, is there anyplace worth trying? One would think woth all the construction and getting rid of all the "partying kids" there would be some more good restaurants. Last night we met friends for a cocktail at Connolley Station, byt the menu was so blah! We did not eat there. Not much to choose in this town, so we winded up at Brandl. It was good, but we always seem to wind up there.

Anything recommendations? please......

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  1. I know next to zilch about restaurants in Belmar, but your question got me curious, so I looked at the listings in the 2007/08 Zagat. A BYO called Casa Solar gets a 25 for food... not that Zagat's ratings can always be trusted. I then Googled and found this: .

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      Thanks, RGR. I read your post on Thompson's, and I must say, I was sad as well last night when I passed it to find construction. :(

      Funny, you mentioned this place above, Casa Solar. We passed it last night and we hought it was maybe Mexican, but never bothered to research it. My dilemma may never end. Oh well, I will just have to pretend I am 21 again and hang out at D'Jay's again. yeah right......:) My husband would have a good laugh!

    2. There is always Matisse on the Ocean front or go north a few miles to Bradley Beach...which is a real restaurant town...I recommend Bella Sogno...there is also Citrico's and Piancone's,

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        I would stay away from Matisse. I had a horrible meal there a while back.

      2. try whipers restaurant in spring lake. you can google thir website. also, i have a fondness for the draughting table on main street in bradley beach.

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          what kind of menu does the draughting table have? Also, anybody know what happened to Bedrock Cafe ? We were there once during the summer and it had some things we wanted to go back and try - never got there and now it is gone!

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            Drafting table is good. The last time I was there it was delightful .It had been some time since I was there before that. It was always smoky and we stayed away. Salmon and other fish dishes are great!!

          2. Is Brandl really worth trying? I would only recommend people to stay away. The management there is incredibly rude. I have been a guest of others choosing to dine there three times, and every time I reminded myself never to choose to go back. In fact, I can't even remember what I ate there, only that the staff and management were snobs and that the prices were exorbitant by Belmar standards. If I seem to recall two of the incidents having to do with accommodating children's dietary needs. Once, all we asked for was a dish of pasta with a little olive oil drizzled on top, and they charged about $20 for the pasta special.

            For an old-word storefront trattoria experience right in Belmar try Antonio's on Main St. around the corner from Bar A. You could drive by it a thousand times and not know it is there. It's a good BYOB red-sauce joint with fresh manicotti made to order.

            In Bradley, Clementine's is simply superb. It is a BYOB upscale cajun bistro. A much better by and experience than Brandl.