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Jun 2, 2007 06:47 AM

"a certain bakery in Wisconsin"

In The Chowhound's Guide to the New York Tristate Area, on page xiv, it states:

"You may pick up a bag of cookies from a convenience store. A chowhound orders cookies from a certain bakery in Wisconsin."

Now, I have a fair hankering for a good cookie, so would somebody PLEASE tell me which bakery in Wisconsin this is? A phone number or web address, too, please.

And, while we're on the topic, eh-hem, what are the current best cookies available to be ordered in the US?

Thank you.

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  1. I know several folks who would have morning buns and other bakery items from Ovens of Brittany in Madison shipped across the country. They had wonderful breads, pastries, cakes and cookies. This place closed in 2000. From what I understand Odessa Piper (famous chef and founder of L'etoile) started in the Oven's kitchens over 35 years ago and helped create the famous morning bun and other recipes for this Madison landmark restaurant and bakery.

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      I live in Wisconsin, and would love to know!

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        Correct me if im wrong...but didn't Ovens close some years back? I'm a madison alum...and ate there a few times!

      2. I havent read the book, but it seems to me from the quote that this is a reference to the difference in thought process and method between a Chowhound and a regular person, rather than a reference to a specific Wisconsin bakery.

        But regardless of all that, here's my vote:

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          Absolutely. There is no "certain bakery in Wisconsin." It's just an illustration of a chowhound's belief they know the best of whatever.

        2. I'm not sure if this is the "certain bakery" that the writer is referring to but the Door County Bakery in Sister Bay WI is unbelievable. They are famous for their "corsica loaf" and they have an outrageous peanut butter cookie that I cannot recall the name of. All of their breads and cookies/pasteries are to die for.

 (I think this is the correct link